stomach flu - no fun

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  1. Oh blast, not only did I throw up like 7 times tonight, but I can't stop running to the bathroom... in like 4minute intervals. I don't know what caused this, but I know that I definitely lost conscience for like a minute while trying to run for the bathroom again.

    Being sick sucks. :cry:
  2. eeek, how unfortunate. feel better! and keep a bucket nearby, i suppose.
  3. Thank you for sharing....
  4. awww.....feel better soon we need u around here.....:sad:
  5. Now that was alot of information to share...what a visual! Feel better...we miss you.:worried:
  6. Feel better, and be sure to re-hydrate as soon as you're able to keep liquids down.
  7. ohhhh, :sad: I hope you feel better
  8. Get plenty of liquids - and eat lots of fresh fruit. That's the only way I can get over an illness.

    My sister has the flu from hell. I'm afraid to go anywhere near her, so I need to find a company that will deliver her soup.
  9. Hope your feeling better now?!:sad2:
  10. Aww Vlad sometimes tends to share too much info.... but he is really sick. Poor guy.

    I'm sending you all the best!!!!
  11. feel better vlad :smile: the stomach flu is the worst..
  12. Vlad just had to go to the hospital- I'm really worried. Now we really have to keep him in our thoughts.
  13. Vlad... please get better since the forum won't be the same without you!! What happen, is it the flu or food poison? And take care of yourself, Meg!! Everyone around me is all sick too. :sad2:
  14. aww poor Vlad! i'm sure the folks at the hospital will take excellent care of him, there's probably something going around that they're prepared to deal with. give us lots of updates!

  15. (((Vlad))) I hope he is feeling better. Poor guy. :sad: