Stolen wallet


Nov 1, 2005
Hi all!

I have to vent. Last week, I was in Boston visiting my college roommate, and unfortunately, I was pickpocketed on the T (subway system). Luckily, my credit cards and ID were in my planner, so my beloved Marc Jacobs wallet and about $100 in cash was stolen. The sad thing is that I think I am more upset about my wallet being stolen than the cash. :sad2: I never carry cash (huge debit card person), so the one time I decided to take some out, it gets stolen. I ride the DC Metro everyday (have been for over three years), and rode the New York subways for 4 years through school without incident. Makes me very sad.
I know how that feels, hang in there. My LV vernis wallet was stolen and I was SICK about it. I had $400 in it, so my total loss was over a grand. My grandmother was telling me its not a good idea to have such an expensive wallet, but seriously, why am I going to lower my standards just so that some pov ***** won't get tempted? That guy is doing 5 years in prison right now :lol:
ohmygod. that is horrible. i know, been using the NYC subways since highschool and i've never been mugged here. EVER. and i carry nice bags.

shame on boston. you know they have a lot of bed bugs there too. :wacko:
that stinks! same thing happened to my friend on the t in boston, brand new really cute kate spade wallet. it was right before xmas and she lost all her credit cards and bank card and couldn't do any post xmas shopping/spending b/c the new cards didn't arrive in time :sad2:
I'm sorry :sad: Thank goodness your credit cards and ID weren't in the wallet. Who knows what could have happened if they were? My cousin had her checking account cleaned out a couple of years ago by someone who somehow got hold of her account number.
:unsure: People really need to get a grip. We need to wear a tag. The bag and wallet are more important than what is inside. Follow me and drop the wallet in the pocket again. Hope you can replace it.
I'm so sorry to hear this - I know how it feels also - my LV wallet was stolen while I was travelling in Geneva - I had nothing in it of value but the wallet was my very first LV and I was hearbroken - we do get over this stuff and move on but we are always more suspicious and don't trust people the way we did before the indident. Such is life.
What a bummer!!! Last year there was someone in our area targeting women with designer bags in Malls and movie theatres. They were hitting them in the head with a baseball bat and taking their bags....and this is a small town too. So sorry about your wallet; thank goodness you are safe.
Thanks for the kind words everyone! I know that I was lucky in that my CCs and ID were safe. It still sucks though because they don't make that particular Marc Jacobs wallet anymore (I actually went to the Marc Jacobs store in Boston to check! Hehe). Well, just something new to put on my Christmas list ;)
Ugh, that stinks. My wallet was lifted out of my bag in a cafe last year. It took forever to get all my credit/bank/ID cards replaced and the theives stole my identity and used it to open bunches of department store cards, to boot. The worst, worst thing, though, was losing that wallet. It was an inexpensive leather wallet from Enzo Angiolini, but it was perfect and I loved it very much. It took me about 16 months to find a new wallet I liked anywhere near as much. No fun!