Stolen Vehicle Was Recovered But I Wasn't Notified, Now They Want $2,000??

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  1. Hi everybody, I am now helpless and need some advice. This is what happened.
    My car got stolen at the end of Feb. I only have liability insurance covered for the car. I reported to Philadelphia Police right away.
    Just last week I got a letter from a insurance company said they wants to talk to me about the car accident happened on early March. At first I thought it's a scam because I never had any car accident. I call them back and found out it was my stolen car they are referring to.

    The car was actually recovered early March by Delaware Police. but I GOT NO NOTIFICATION FROM POLICE whatsoever. Now if I want to pick up my car the towing company is going to charge me nearly $2,000 for storage.
    I contact both Philadelphia and Delaware Police and they both said it's no their responsibility to contact me.:tdown:
    My car was a 2002 Honda Civic; I took very good care of it. Based on police report, my car has no damage. I need to car back!!
    It would be highly appreciated if anybody can give me some advice. Thank you so much!
  2. oh jeeeeeez......that is so aweful i am so sorry

    why didnt the towing company try and contact you?

    that is rediculous..
  3. It can't possibly be your responsibility to call every police district in the US to see if they have found your car. They had the VIN number from the car, and obviously the papers that were inside - they could have very well found out who owned the car.
  4. ^ I totally agree!

    Wow, that is absolutely ridiculous!!! :cursing: I hope some of the legal experts here can give you some advice.
  5. Call your insurance agent and ask for advice. They have likely seen this scenario before.
  6. OMFG..Thats insane.....
  7. :wtf: it's so unbelievable!
    im so sorry....
  8. I would call the newspaper and have them do a story on this. It has scam written all over it. The tow truck company could have tracked you down from the license plate and any information in the car. I would also think there has to be some type of link where a tow truck company and police can see whose car they have. I am sure there has to be something that can be done. I agree to call your insurance company.
  9. Im kind of in a similar situation right now DH and I moved from California to Texas in November of 2005 and we gave the car to his "close frined" with the title and everything so all he had to do was go change the ownership well....3 months later we get a letter in the mail saying that we owe the towing company $1500 because they towed it due to tickets my DH's friend got on it and they didnt even let me explain that the car was no longer in my name! They just kept sending me the bill....augh
  10. Oh hell no!:tdown: That's horrible. I hope things work out.
  11. Tow truck companies can't run license plates or VIN numbers. But, when they receive a recovered stolen vehicle from the police, they have ALL of the info (including the Registered Owner's contact info)listed on the tow form that the officer who recovered the vehicle, filled out. USUALLY, the PD that recovers it will contact the PD where is was stolen from and then that PD calls the R/O to tell them their vehicle was recovered......hmmmm, I would call BOTH PD's and speak with the Watch Commander or Field Sgt. and speak to them directly regarding the case (hopefully you kept your origianl case number, it makes things MUCH easier.
  12. Thank you so much, Ladies.

    I call a local newspaper. At first the managing editor said they got hundreds of phone calls everyday. People having problems and want them to write a store; they never really do so. After I told them my story, they are interested in it. The person I spoke to got the details and said he will make some phone calls to see if he can help me.:smile:

    I will also try to see if I can talk to Watch Commander at both police department directly.

    If anybody has any more great advice, please share. Thanks again, Ladies.
  13. Many states have laws that govern this and require you to be notified within a certain amount of time that the car has been recovered and impounded. What sometimes happens is that the police require the TOWING COMPANY to notify the owner of the impound... however it is not financially lucrative for them to do that in a timely manner- so the clock ticks and you rack up charges without even knowing it.

    Also, in larger jurisdictions the PD is backlogged and don't get around to calling people to inform them that their car has been impounded. This happened to my brother. As a result, I now have a special feature we pay extra for on our insurance policy that covers any impound costs...

    I would check State laws and see what they say...
  14. Ok. I'm no expert but I think The police should have contacted you. THEY recovered the car. When THEY ran the plates, THEY saw that is was reported stolen. Someone didn't do their job. My BF car was reported stolen and when they recovered it a few months later an officer called.

    Contact the precinct that recovered it. I would continue with the newspaper though, just in case no one accepts responsibly for their f*ck up.
  15. That very samething happened to me. But it was an awful old really beat up ranch truck it was quite discusting!! We received a bill from the impound company saying we owed alot I don't remember how much exactly but I think they had it in their possession for over 2 months I think we had bought the truck for 800 dlls? So it really didn't make sense to get it back. I told them they could keep it. I hope you can get things resolved to your benefit, goodluck!