Stolen TPF Pictures on auction site...

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  1. gosh that's terrible..
  2. That's not PennyD's auction. Not a chance.

    I can't believe some jerk stole her photos and watermarked them with copyright.
  3. Too many of these kind of idiotic counterfeiters on the internet.
  4. Watermark your pictures. I'm guilty of being lazy to do so as well, but makes it safer for all of us.
  5. If you look at that auction, the first picture also looks more like Epsom (unless it's the pixellation of the image). :s :sad:

    It both saddens and enrages me that someone would do that. Not only scamming someone out of a lot of money, but it also makes people more suspicious of the genuine Hermes online auctions. :s
  6. And I can't speak that language so I can't even figure out which button you'd push to report it. Jerkwad.
  7. Always, ALWAYS watermark your pictures. I learned this years ago the hard way.....
  8. That was fast work on the part of the scammer! Obviously a regular lurker at tPF!
  9. URGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG:cursing::rant::mad:

    That is MY Bougainvillier Birkin but it IS NOT my auction!!!
    Even though it makes me so angry as HM pointed out my pics were not watermarked. I uploaded them on my MAC and the iphoto program does not have an option for watermarking. I have not downloaded a watermarking program on the MAC.

    The one pic is not mine it is of an Epsom Bougainvillier Birkin. The others are mine.

    Thanks for this thread, I do not speak the language. Maybe some kind PFer that does will point that out to the website of thieves.

    Please let my sad situation be a lesson to to everyone WATERMARK your pics!!!
  10. all you need to do is upload the pics you want to watermark to they have an option to edit the pic so that you may watermark any image.
  11. ^^^ Thanks LX :smile:.

  12. You are right my sweet friend! This is NOT my auction!!!
    :heart: u!