Stolen Tom Ford Horsebit clutch - pls help!

  1. HI - My Tom Ford Black leather horsebit clutch with chain strap (measuring 12x5inches) was recently stolen during my vacation. Any ideas how I can obtain another one? Price is not an object. My bag had gold studs on the corners and along a horizontal seam on the back. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    I really miss that bag!
  2. I just responded to your post in the name the gucci thread.

    Hope you find another!
  3. eBay? Maybe some of the designer vintage shops like Luxury Zurich?
  4. I'm so sorry to hear that. eBay would probably be the best place to look. Don't get why someone would steal it, where is the pride in using a stolen purse? :sad:
  5. I'm sorry about your loss. Don't have any suggestions except eBay either. I hope you find it:sad:
  6. there have been a ton of those horsebit clutches listed on ebay for the past month
  7. omgoodness, my heart just broke and little g's fell out of it. i'm so sorry.
  8. OMG I am so sorry. I would say try ebay or gucci outlets.
  9. Ugh.. that really ticks me off that people can steal from others. I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I hope you find another one.

    shorty - you need to make some Gucci Greeting cards! Love that quote
    "my heart just broke and little g's fell out of it. i'm so sorry."