Stolen pictures?


Sep 5, 2006
i've been looking for a blenheim on ebay for the past few weeks and have been putting various auctions on my watch list. going through them today i realised that the pictures from one auction are exactly the same as those in another. :wtf: as the pictures are from an auction by a reputable seller, i'm assuming she's the rightful owner and the other seller stole her pictures. that auction has since ended and i hope that the buyer has not been cheated. just thought i'd let people know in case someone here actually won that auction and so that people can be careful if this seller lists other bags in future. have put in the links for the auctions so you guys can see for yourselves.

ole-ole99's auction (item was re-listed, if i'm not wrong, so the pictures were available on ebay before the end of the other auction)

other seller's auction