STOLEN PICTURES! Turq 2005 Classique - SVBERRY's bag

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  1. ohh what a f :censor: en turd...

    this guy gives me the ****s...

    check out hi sink city..???

    I emailed him about it cause I saw it a few days ago being sold by the legitimate seller and I asked him if this was the exact bag i would be getting as I saw it in another auction...

    he had the nerve to tell me that he is the one who is having the pictures stolen from and that he would refund me my money if it wasnt as pictured...yeahh monkeys bollocks he would!!!

    I feel like emailing him now and blasting himover this recent turquoise!!!

    some people!!

  2. LOL - you always know when an Aussie's on the board!:yes:

    What a wanker!
  3. geez! $125??? what the????????????????? geez, some people are SO cunning!!!!!!!! oh dear!
  4. This guy is a turd!!!

    check out his other "stolen" B bag picutres almost all have been stolen in the last few days!!

    I sent him an email today re the ink bag as I recognised it from a legitimate auction..he promised me that the photo was stolen from HIM!!

    the nerve!!

    he also promised me that if the bag wasnt authentic he would refund the money....yeah monkeys bollocks he would!!

    check out the email I sent him ..

    MY GOD!!!
    you are a theif and a liar...I asked you about an ink bag this morning and was going to give you the benefit of the doubt...but this turquoise bag you have for sale is CLEARLY not do I know this???
    because I know the seller of this bag ..the REAL seller who sold it earlier today to another lady.. who incedently I also know

    You are despicable and I will contact my friend imediately to tell her and I will contact Ebay and make them aware of your bad business practices including the theft of photos which are clearly not yours.
    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

    hoorayy for ladies with PMT I say :biggrin:

    "Bad Mad Mrsmac" :flowers:
  5. what happened there..???

    I think my computer had kittens...anyhoo..

    you get what I wanted to say...

    Now lets see what he replies..
  6. omg!! It has the watermarks and everything! I just reported him so hopefully Ebay will block his account. lol @ me being part of the purse police :smile:
  7. Haha E-bay took the auction down.