Stolen pictures? Please read

  1. Good eye, those are Elizabeth Thomas's photos...
  2. I sent an E-mail to the real seller, Elizabeth Thomas.
  3. Thank you. :smile:
  4. Update: Elizabeth Thomas responded to my e-mail and is in process of getting auction taken down. PF members rule!!
  5. This is why it is so important to watermark, the only ones watermarked are Elizabeth Thomas', so I hope when she reports this to Ebay they will shut the seller down.
  6. I reported a seller stealing a pic from Percephonie today (thread on main board). The auction was removed quickly. I forgot to write down the seller name in my haste. One of those who price their "buy it now" at $88.

    $88 dollars for an eggplant first? :rant:
  7. :cursing: Oooh these creeps make me so mad! We do more than ebay does to protect people!!!!!
  8. Most of these multiple listings are highjacked accounts. I send the seller a message and ask a question about the bags that they have listed. Almost every single time they send a message back saying that they didn't list them and their account was stolen. I got another one which I will post below. This gets them removed at once and a lot faster than reporting each auction which is too time consuming. If the account wasn't highjacked, but it usually is, then no biggie, they answer your question, then you report the auctions in the usual manner. I didn't tell this guy that someone stole my pictures, he misunderstood. I asked why they had a bunch of Balenciaga bags listed with pictures taken from other auctions.
    Just writing to let you know that I didn't place the adds that were listed on my account. Someone hacked into my account. Sorry someone stole your pictures, but it wasn't me.