Stolen Pics

  1. I saw thiseBay: AUTHENTIC BALENCIAGA EGGPLANT CLASSIQUE BAG/b20 (item 150042746290 end time Oct-05-06 13:00:26 PDT)

    and recognized Percephonie's watermark. I emailed another veteran PF by accident member trying to alert Percephonie, and she confirmed that this seller is using P.'s pic.

    I have to log off now, and this seller has many auctions. Maybe someone else can check out a few others to see is any other pics have been stolen.

    I hope this is an okay post. Thanks.
  2. Thanx so much zestypasta! Seems the listing had been taken down already when I got your message he he! You ladies are :supacool: !!
  3. Auction has been removed :smile: What is the sellers name?
  4. I didn't write it down, like a dummy! I was in such a hurry to report it to the member. Maybe firstclass1 wrote it down? I PM'd her first in error. I'm sure she must have, not being a newbie and all.
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