Stolen pics of Teal Twiggy

  1. Which member is selling the real teal twiggy? I can't find her on the member list.:cursing:

    Her pics have been stolen by that same theiving seller again.

    They both have current auctions:sad:

    eBay: AUTHENTIC Balenciaga Teal Twiggy EXCELLENT (item 160045477157 end time Oct-28-06 11:34:24 PDT)

    Stole this rose twiggy pics too...

    eBay: Fall '04 BALENCIAGA Rose Twiggy Handbag (item 160045478441 end time Oct-28-06 11:38:21 PDT)

    I reported again. I am tired of this liar.
  2. the stolen pics of the teal twiggy are from lvlady99.
  3. OMG, very good you reported this, the first is not from him and the second one,the teal one is from lvlady a good seller in ebay, i can't believe some nerve in this kind of sellers, they are out there just to take other people money??:hysteric:
  4. yeah, it's lvlady99, i don't think she's a PFer
  5. Oh, sorry I thought she was. I will send her a seller question. Thanks.
  6. they've both been removed!
  7. It is Allison
  8. This is why I am very apprehensive to buying a used one on eBay. I just saw a black Twiggy on eBay this morning and I'm on the fence...I hate that fakes even exist.