Stolen photos . . . what does the buyer receive?

  1. I torture myself my going through EBay's completed listings to see what I missed. Tonight, I noticed that the photo thief is selling quite a few bags in the $150-$170 range. What do you think the buyers actually receive? How does the seller maintain a decent feedback score, because the buyers clearly are not receiving the bags photographed?
  2. I think it's a stolen account and they are there just to get the money and dump the account once they have gotten all the money. Just a guess.
  3. I honestly believe that buyers who are buying $150, $250, or even $500 Balenciagas on Ebay know they're buying a fake/even if it's a really good fake. Anyone who does a little homework on the matter can't simply believe that they're picking up an authentic brand new Balenciaga for that amount! I just checked Ebay and I found a couple of Bbags that are obviously fake starting at like $800+, guess some buyers may just bid simply because it's expensive enough.
  4. I agree, I think they get nada. I've heard of people recieving pictures, nothing more, but I doubt this loser even sends those :mad:
  5. Ditto. I've seen so many brand new Coach bag auctions that have low BINs. I stay away from it cause those tend to be from hijacked accounts especially if they have more than 1 auction of those going at the same time.