Stolen Photos and NO WAY TO REPORT

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  1. I sell items on Bonanza and occasionally Ebay. I noticed that a large volume seller stole my PERSONAL listing photos from Bonanza and is using them in their listing on Ebay. I attempted to report this to Ebay, but the REPORT ITEM button does not allow me to report photos that were stolen from Bonanza. It only allows me to report photos copied from other Ebay listings. I am sick over this! :sad:

    Here is the listing that is using MY PHOTOS:

    I do not appreciate this. I did not give this person any permission, whatsoever, to use my photos! :sad:

    Ebay's CS is basically impossible to contact. Help?
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    Report it as a VERO violation.

    On the report item screen select copyright and trademark from the first drop down menu and then select ebay infringes on your intellectual property rights on the second drop down menu and then select vero from the third drop down menu.

  3. I have reported 3 sellers this year for using my photographs on their listings. The basic response from ebay was "we have no way of knowing whether these are your photos!" The other auctions were not removed, were allowed to run and goodness only knows what the poor buyers received. I don't sell much but my photos all have the same background and were all sold items at the point of my pictures being "borrowed" - none of which was good enough for ebay.

    Hope you have more luck.

    From the "offending" auction listing, I used "report this item"
    Copyright and trademark
    Images or text copied from your listing
    Copied pictures of text
  4. Ooops, sorry, posted same thing twice!
  5. I'm a bit tired today and I read your post twice even after realizing it was the same post. LOLOL!

    I'm exhausted. :graucho:
  6. Try writing to the seller who is stealing your photos. I did that once, she said her supplier in China gave her the photos, she had no idea they were mine... Anyway, the long story short, she did take the photos off. I also wrote photobucket (I think they were hosting something from that seller also) and photobucket was much quicker to take the photos off, but I had to fill a form for EACH and EVERY photo. Not fun. But good luck.

    I would also report them as selling a fake, as they are obviously not accurately representing what they are selling.
  7. ^^^ This is bad information.

    No listing should ever be reported as fake and without knowing what the actual item is, you don't know whether it's fake or not.

    The OP should apply as VeRO. When you're vero and a listing is removed for infringement, the ding on the seller's account has a much larger negative impact on an ebay member's account than if she stole the picture from ebay.

    Apply for VeRO. You can do it online or by fax and it's simple:
  8. Thank you everyone for your support and suggestions. I will be completing the VeRO information today and sending it in. I also wrote the seller a note to ask them to please remove them and use his/her own photos. I was just a strange invasion of privacy. :sad: Thank you again! I will keep you posted. As of today, my photos are still up on that listing.

    Ughhhh.... If only people would ask first.
  9. I've reported stolen pictures with success. I think what I did was actually report the seller and it gave me the option of putting in the item #.