Stolen photo?

  1. Is this a stolen photo? It looks just like the other auction but I'm not sure:
    280166549476 & 330164633373 (stolen from this auction?)

    I've been on the hunt for something similar to this. Does anyone know the name of this purse? I keep hearing "Heather" for it.
  2. Oh, I think I'd be a bit wary with this one,looks like the same photo alright,and the seller may have 'borrowed' it as a selling aid,the seller seems to be dealer of some sort,wanting tags left on etc,I have seen this on other sites for fake bags,but that is not to say these are!!! And the seller does seem to have alot of bags to sell? There is also a 15% re-stocking fee, something else I noticed on the other bag sites,until I asked around,and came on this site I was all for buying one,a Chloe paddington,then I was warned off the others,could be that this seller has genuine leftover stock from Burberry, or could be using E bay to sell their bags to look like a bona fide seller I'm not too sure,15% seems a lot too lose if you get it and its a fake,and why mention a re-stocking fee and leaving tags on? Burberry seem to have their own outlets here in the UK,or go on sale instores,hmmm, I'd do some more investigating if I were you. xxxxxxxx
  3. Addy, the stolen photo is fake? So both purse auctions are fake or just the seller who stole the photo? Sorry, I'm confused. :confused1:

    Yeah, I saw the 15% restocking fee, etc. What a major turnoff. I wasn't going to buy this purse from this seller because of that. Do you know what this style purse is called by the way?
  4. ^^^ The seller whose link you posted has stolen the pic from seller naudique... who knows what piece of crap the buyer would be getting. That same seller has another Burberry up which is fake.

    The bag that naudique sold looks okay... would need maryg1 to confirm.
  5. Ok, I see what you mean now Addy. :smile:

    So... do you happen to know the name of this style purse? Is it a Heather or Eaton/Eden or something else entirely?