Stolen phone?

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  1. I am so annoyed.

    I've sold an item on Ebay , and the winner claims that her phone was stolen , and she did not place the bid.

    Does she expect me to believe that the thief knows all her passwords too?


    Has this ever happened to you?
  2. ^As much as I hate to say it (sales are slow and it's annoying to loose a sale) I would send here a mutual cancellation of the sale. What is her feedback history (did she buy similar items, size etc)? Also, is she ( or the thief of her phone) bidding on other items? If someone really stole her phone I would expect wild bidding on random items. But I guess she has buyer's remorse... so it's not worth it to me. If you force her to pay, she'll probably come with another reason to send the item back and you'll have to refund her.
  3. I have already sent her a mutual cancellation.

    I am just not happy of course.
    There were 2 other bidders too.

    But it's possible they've changed their minds and they won't accept the second chance offer.

    The winner has 31 positive feedback, but as buyers can't get negs of course it doesn't mean anything.
  4. I didn't mean that.

    If her phone got indeed stolen I would expect crazy bidding on random (expensive) items.

    But for example you were selling a pair of shoes size 38 and her bidding history/feedback show that she already bought shoes in that size ... well, I would think it's just buyer's remorse. I think it's pretty odd that the thief would check your buyer's fave items and bid on them. Hope this make sense.

    ETA: or just she was watching your listing in her ebay and the thief bid on the first item he saw.
  5. No , she only bid on 2 items in last 30 days.
    So there was no "crazy bidding" .
  6. I'd try to contact the other bidders.. they still may have interest.. you never know
  7. I've sent out second chance offers. Maybe one of them is interested.
  8. That is really annoying. Sorry OP.
  9. Thank you.

  10. The second bidder accepted offer and paid already!

  11. Glad it ended up working out for you! Sorry about the original bidder though; I know how aggravating that is.
  12. Thank you.

  13. I hope so.
    eBay really bites, doesn't it?
  14. The second highest bidder bought the item already.
  15. hmm I can access my ebay w/o passwords on my phone, but what a wild reason ^^
    twhen this happens sometimes I just relist my item, put in the listing "please bid only with intention to pay" and many times I sell it for higher even ^^