Stolen LV got returned!

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  1. I was so shocked when my bf told me someone had broken into his car and stole is glace wallet.

    Then hours later, the cops were at the door with his wallet! Hahaha I was like oh good otherwise I'ld be so mad at you for leaving it in your car!

    And I was soooooooo glad I took my Gucci shoes out of the car the same evening the incidence occured (I left them in the car for almost 1 week now and thankgoodness I tooked it out that day or that might be stolen too!)
  2. oh wow...I'm so glad he got his wallet back...and that you took out your gucci shoes just in time!!!
  3. That's so awesome his wallet got returned! Good stuff!
  4. That's good news! :yahoo:
  5. Wow, that is amazing that he got it back!
  6. WOW!!! Happy to hear he got it back!!!
  7. I'm happy for both of you to be able to retrieve your goods.
  8. God bless your Gucci shoes... and his wallet...
  9. How did the police find it? I was sooooooooo sad when my wallet was stolen a couple years ago, I never knew there could be some hope of its return! So lucky for your BF
  10. you think the reason his wallet could have been stolen was because it was simply a wallet (contained money) and not because it was ridiculously expensive? In that case, you could debate whether your shoes would have been stolen too.
  11. Glad every thing turned out well.
  12. Wow, I am so happy to hear that he got his wallet back!
  13. Wow! That almost never happens.. Fantastic.. I'm glad you got the wallet back.
  14. Thats awsome! he is so lucky!!
  15. what a lucky guy, and you're lucky too! wouldn't want those shoes to be stolen!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.