Stolen: Hermes Arceau Watch

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  1. Hoping all the great tpf members can keep an eye out on ebay, craisglist, etc. for my husband's Arceau watch that was stolen over the weekend. He had left it in his car console (took it off to play soccer and forgot to bring it inside the house when he got home) last Thursday, June 30, and he just noticed it missing yesterday since he hadn't used his car over the holiday weekend. We've already filed a police report, but it doesn't seem very helpful. They said they could only dust for fingerprints at the time of the incident, and the watch would only be found if it's being pawned...

    He insists his car was locked, but when he used his car, he said 2 doors were left cracked open. Apparently this is common because the thief doesn't want to make noise by shutting the doors. Nothing else from the car was missing (gps, loose change, sunglasses). My husband thinks the person found the watch and took off immediately.

    Attached is a photo of the watch. It has a black gator strap instead of the original Barenia. It was a birthday gift almost 3 years ago. The back has a code: AR4.910 and numbers 2374155 or 2374156, not sure because our picture of the back is blurry. We're located in Maryland.

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Terrible
    Wish you luck recovering it asap
  3. that's terrible! from what I know, many homeowners/renters insurance policies will cover items that are stolen out of your personal vehicles. may be worth looking into, depending on your deductible and all that...
  4. I just checked a few watch forums and resale sites I frequent and it's not there. It is far more likely to end up in a local pawn shop than online as online transactions are more traceable and thus less likely to be used by a thief. However, if I were you I would contact all the major watch auction houses (Christie's, Phillips, Sotheby's, Heritage Auctions, Bonham's, Antiquorum, and Auctionata) and let them know the watch was stolen and give them the serial number in case someone brings it to them to resell. I'd also set up an alert on eBay to email you when this model of watch comes up for sale.

    Definitely contact your insurance companies too, as suggested upthread.
  5. That's terrible! Hope that insurance will cover it!
  6. Wishing you and your husband the best in locating his watch. ❤️
  7. Awwww I'm so sorry this happened to you guys!!! Best of luck finding and I will keep an eye out dear!!!
  8. I hope you get your watch back asap!!!
  9. I know if they try to sell a luxury watch, the (reputable) buyer should check the serial number. Make sure the police have that number.
    In Maryland, too.
  10. Oh no, that is terrible! I am so sorry! Hope you'll get the watch back :hugs:.
  11. Sorry about this & if you can report to your local consignment stores & of course pawn shops...
  12. Thank you all for the kind support and advice! I'll definitely contact my insurance company- I was hesitant to contact them the same day as filing the police report because we were hoping it would be found relatively quickly if someone tried to pawn it.
  13. How awful.
    Let us know if insurance helps with this.
    So sorry this happened.
  14. Any news, OP?
  15. Any updates? I have been keeping an eye out on various watch resale sites but haven't seen anything.