Stolen Hermes-any chances getting it back?

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  1. I went on shopping today, and lost a purple ostrich skin Kelly wallet in a LV bag.
    The LV bag's stolen is not bothering me, but my ostrich Kelly wallet.
    I am wondering if the police is able to get it back.
    When i am calling the police, he was like" wow, a wallet cost 7k?""I've never heard of Hermes""You can say whatever you want in a police report" WTH
    I was depressed, as if he wont even believe me! Stupid Toronto police.

    Are there any specific code that can help me to identify the wallet as mine? Such as Chanel's code on every of its bag? I am thinking to get a private investigator. Will that be helping me? I am now seriously doubting if the stupid police is going to help me at all!:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  2. The police's attitude is so annoying! SO SO SO unprofessional! How on earth could a police question a victim because of his own poor perception? Anything wrong with having an expensive wallet?
  3. I was pick pocketed once and manage to find my wallet at the dust bin nearby, most thieves are only interested in the cash and can't recognize the brand of the wallet ......
  4. i wish so but i have looked around and theres nothing resembling my bag:sad: My family helped me to look for that even in the restrooms caused i once heard thieves left it there. And Unfortunately i have no cash at all with me today. I have also tried lost and found but still nothing. I am thinking that thief might know a bit about designer handbags since the LV bag is suhali leather, its an all black bag. I had two bags together today with my boyfriend, he was looking after them for me while I was shopping. I might wont have a chance of being that lucky as you.
  5. Wow that sucks I'm sorry. How'd get lost? Was it stolen?
  6. My boyfriend looked after my bag for me when we were shopping. He had my bag near him, while he was playing his phone. When i got back to him, the bag was just gone. He was sitting on those couches in the shopping mall and I guess someone might just approach my boyfriend and took away the bag and pretend it as his own since my bag is all black.
  7. Can't your insurance help you?
  8. I can super relate to you. A few months ago our house was broken and the thief took away our brand new never been used 32-inch TV and DVD Player. With box and everything and even all the DVDS with them! But the worst that happened is that when I went to my closet my favorite Balenciaga Giant City was stolen as well! Never mind the TV and the player, I just wanted the bag back. I never got it back and I've never touched any Balenciaga again because of the trauma but during those times I would check eBay every once in a while in case the thief would think of selling it. I thought Balen releases only one of a particular color and leather per country so I'm always checking for a brown one. Here's to us waiting for our bag to come back. (I also prayed to St. Anthony who is the patron saint of lost things)

    I'm sorry about the lost Kelly wallet, I hope you find it soon. I love ostrich skin :sad:
  9. I suggest speaking to security at the mall to review the surveillance videos to see if the perpetrator was caught on tape. A purple ostrich Kelly wallet is very distinct, I would start checking kijiji/craigslist/ebay regularly to see if anything comes up. Good luck!
  10. I'm so sorry to hear that!
    My mother got an LV Epi wallet stolen from inside her tote bag once and it was never found. Her insurance did pay back the money when she sent them the original receipt (I thankfully still kept it after a couple years since it was a gift to her from me) and a letter from LV to say how much a replacement would cost - they didn't make that particular wallet anymore by then so sadly she was never able to actually replace it.
    You need to keep the official police report for insurance purposes too.

    Also with personal or home insurance here in the UK, they can cover you for an amount you specify while out and about when not at home. So for example maybe you know you will wear a certain watch, a certain amount of jewels, carry a certain mobile plus a laptop plus purse and wallet at least so add up their total value and this is at least the amount you need to insure for.
    Really hope you get your wallet back somehow!
  11. Oh dear.. Im sorry this happened to you..
  12. So sorry such thing happened
    Wish u plenty of luck for good news
  13. I am so sorry to hear this... I wish you all the luck in resolving this matter.

    Hopefully your wallet and bag get returned to you!!!!
  14. I dont know Which type of insurance will cover it up. Would you mond telling me a bit about it? If theres one, i will definately start to pay for that insurance :sad: I think i only got the health related insurance though.
  15. I've already done so, but the security refused to release the vidoes to us. It's kind of numb since we call the seciroty almost right away. However, they can only have the access to the video after we file it to the police. It took the police 3 hours to just call me back, and the mall has closed at that time. What's worse, the police is not buying my wallet's value.