Stolen from Hermes: Chanel-lovers' favorite things?

  1. I saw a thread in Hermes and thought I would duplicate it for us Chanel girls... What other things do we love besides Chanel? Because we all have Chanel it common, it will be interesting to see what other similiar things we love, and how we differ, too...

    My list of favorite things:

    Art and architecture
    Seven jeans (still haven't found a better brand no matter how many trendy new ones come out!)
    Rare and early edition books
    Chopard's playful jewelry, although I don't own any (yet!)
    Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses
    The Magnetic Fields (the band) :jammin:

    And you?
  2. my fave things:

    stuffed animals
    the korean entertainment industry
    my puppy
    reading classics
    vintage shopping
  3. my favorite things besides purses:

    vintage costume jewelry
    reading, especially books by James Patterson & Tami Hoag
    browsing in Borders or Barnes & Noble
    the movie Gone With The Wind
    Chanel two-toned high heels (pumps or slingbacks, classic tan with black toe)
    Manolo Blahniks
    big Fuji apples
    sugarfree vanilla yogurt
    tight jeans with artfully placed rips in them
    classic blazers
    winding paths with overgrown foliage alongside water (lakes, streams, ponds, ocean)
    Los Angeles
    Starbucks Chai Lattes
    sugarfree dark chocolate
    tostada salads
    The Cheesecake Factory restaurant
    people watching at large urban airports
    trenchcoats worn over skinny long jeans
    Lifetime TV Channel
    Country music: especially Kenny Chesney, Martina McBride, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Toby Keith, Leeann Womack. Rascal Flatts, the way Kenny Chesney looks in his jeans
    House (tv show) and Hugh Laurie
    getting together with close girlfriends and just hanging...
    southern accents on men (faint...)
  4. My favorite things are:

    Frankie B jeans
    Gucci shoes
    Chanel hanbags & sunglasses
    Burberry Scarves and hats
    Everything Jo Malone
    Godiva chocolate truffles
    Martinelli's sparkling cider
    Mystery Novels
    Suspense movies
    Richard Clayderman cd's
    Illuminations scented candles
    1000TC egyptian cotton sheets

    Really, too many to name!
  5. Here are a few of my favorite things:

    1) Chanel & Louis Vuitton bags
    2) Paige Premium Denim Jeans
    3) Holland Lop & Mini Lop Bunnies (so cute!)
    4) Pinkberry
    5) Boston (moved to LA 2 years ago and still haven't acclimated)
    6) New England Patriots & Boston Red Sox
    7) Sushi (esp. tuna and eel)
    8) MAC, Giorgio Armani, Bare Escentuals makeup
    9) Philosophy Falling In Love & Pure Grace fragrances

  6. Classic Chanel bags
    chocolate (bars, ice cream, cake, whatever...)
    US Weekly and other trashy mags and websites
    cruising the internet
    The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl, The Hills (I can't help it;))
    talking on the phone with my best friend about anything and everything
  7. i like a few things from each of the replies so far.
    starbucks chai lattes but with soy milk
    paige premium denim
    the office, gossip girl, the hills
    and one noone has mentioned : nars makeup
  8. 1. Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags
    2. Chanel costume jewelry
    3. Diesel and 7 for all mankind jeans
    4. Coffee Caramel frappucino - starbucks
    5. Pucci clothes
  9. Favorite Things
    Weekends in Vegas with DH
    A great bag (chanel, lv, gucci etc)
    Uggs Prada boots Jimmy Choo Sandals
    Big Men's Sized Rolex Watches
    Will & Grace (bring it back!!)
    Bad Reality TV (Hills, Kardashians, etc)
    Gwen Stefani
    Tru Religion Jeans (they make a fit to match any shoe)
    GMC Yukon Denali
    Splendid T shirts Vince Sweaters
    Philosophy Shower gels (vanilla birthday cake, coconut cream pie YUM)
    Creed Scental Prada Scents Lolita Lempicka
    Juicy Sweats & t's Ed Hardy T shirts
    Bumble & Bumble Hair Products
    Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash
    Massages at Bliss
    Chanel Black Satin or Noir Ceramic Nail Polish
    NY Post Wedding Section (to see if anyone I know is in there)
    Reading the NY Daily News and NY Post on a Sunday in any diner with DH
    Working out
    Driving around NYC and the other boroughs for work-Really getting to know the city
    NYC Pizza
    NY Yankees
    Christmas in the city (Rockerfellar Center, Saks windows, overcrowded streets)
    Long vacations in Mexico with DH
    Being lazy with DH on the weekends
  10. Fun thread....

    jeans ( True Religious, Rock & Republic, Hudson...)
    Leather Jackets & soft,cozy coats
    love to eat seafood, cook or not..esp. love those meaty lobster roll from the Old Port Lobster Shack in Redwood City.
    never can resist fresh warm breads
    the french pastry inside Stanford Mall
    Lay's chips, and Cheetos
    perfums ( Joy, Creed, Cartier)
    La Mer & Sisley
    hand creams
    nail polish (Chanel, Lippmann, OPI)
    lip balms (esp. Rosebud)
    jewelry, esp. diamonds, pearls and jades
    Swaroski crystals
    bubble bath with bubbling wine
    african violets and other houseplants
    love to read gardening, interior design, fashion and cooking mag
    collect cookbooks ( don't get me wrong...I don't really use it to cook, but I love to look at those yummy pics for a bit of encouragment and inspiration)
    ah...beside loving this TPF, I also go to EG forum for cooking tips, and the Bratpack forum for african violets.

    That's all I can think of now...better get back to cooking tonight's dinner..:sweatdrop:
  11. Not counting my love for Chanel everything haha :p...

    - Bowties with tomato cream sauce from the greatest Italian restaurant ever, Aroma Osteria!!
    - Going to the U.S. Open every year and tennis in general (LOVE it... played in high school and college, watch it obsessively, and if my ego would let me, I'd get back on the court to take a beating haha).
    - Sitting on a beach at night and watching the ocean waves crash
    - Tall non-fat extra chocolate hot chocolate's from Starbucks
    - Designer jeans (love Seven's, Citizen's and AG's).
    - Burberry three quarter length wool/chashmere blend coats (ahh, sooo flattering on, I adore all of mine).
    - Accessories/Shoes - Pucci silk scarves, Burberry cashmere scarves, Hermes Twilly's, headbands from Bendel's, Nordstrom, etc., leather gloves in fun colors, pretty sparkly earrings, necklaces, scoring designer shoes on sale (and not on sale haha), TB flats, and more!
    - The Museum of Natural History
    - My mom's cooking!!
    - Hittin up the gym!
    - Chocolate!!! Max Brennar's is the best... I LOVE Lindt's milk chocolate truffles, Godiva truffles, and Ghirardelli is soo amazing (I live on the milk chocolate chips and eat them pretty much everyday haha)... ohhh and the warm brownie sundae from Ghirardelli's = heaven (too bad there are none on the east coast)! Ohh, and I love molten flourless chocolate cakes too... hell, I'm a true chocoholic!
    - Spending time with my b/f!
    - Michael Stars tees/tanks/tops
    - Makeup (I easily could open up my own Sephora!)... love Mac, BE, Dior, Guerlain, Nars, KA, etc. etc.
    - Lifehouse (I have every cd in my car, and seeing them in concert, and meeting them was so incredible.. and uhh, Jason Wade is so sexy)!!
    - The greatest tv shows ever... BtVS and Angel!! I'm obsessed with Lost, and Heroes and love Supernatural, Bionic Woman and Journeyman!
    - My monthly fix of Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, In Style, Cosmo, Marie Claire, Lucky, and my trashy gym reads (US Weekly)!
    - Chopard Happy sport collection... I live in my watch, and want the Happy Hearts one!!
  12. Chanel Classic Handbags
    Blogging and Laughing at the comments
    Reading Fashion Magazines
    Dressing up
    Christian Louboutin Heels and All kinds of shoes
    Makeup (Favorite hobby wearing and collecting)
    Working (im a bit of a workaholic, when im not on here)
    Shopping for clothes (Including Scarves and Coats)
  13. in no specific order:
    my beautiful offspring:love:
    building new homes
    decorating them :biggrin:
    new hair products, namely shampoo/conditioners - total junkie:shame:
    shopping, even window shopping
    sewing for my little girl
  14. my mother-in-law (no longer with us) she was saintly, my best friend and I miss her everyday
    husband - I couldn't have dreamt up a better one
    my kids calling me mommy, b/c I never thought I'd have any
    Marie Belle chocolates & Godiva G Collection
    Jay Strongwater frames
    Zoe (dog - deceased) the sweetest Sheltie ever
    reading (witches & demons)
    Dexter & Six Feet Under (TV shows)
    my pre-kids BMW Z3 convertible (sigh, a 2-seater), gone now
    hot fudge ice cream puffs
    orange julius's
    champagne, not wine though - bubbles are festive
    entertaining - cooking, planning, setting up
    Seven Jeans, agree with OP
    black tie gowns w/ trains, they are so glam
    Manolo Blahnik's b/c they are the only heels that are comfy for me
    red polish on my toes
    high heeled, knee-high leather boots
    boyshorts, I'm so over thongs - no panty lines, cuter and comfortable!
    internet in general
    eBay, it's a love / hate thing though
    sci-fi (still in the closet though)
    cheesy 70's music
    weddings, I'm a sap
    high tea
    TPF - I'm constantly checking, so I don't miss anything!
    Las Vegas - love to gamble and great restaurants (esp. Le Cirque & Aqua)
    uncommon fragrances like Serge Lutens Fleurs D'Oranger
    Margharita pizza from Brookly Pizza in Birmingham (no where else though)
    Baskin Robbins ice cream cakes
    Missoni clothing
  15. I love...

    cuddling my dogs :heart:
    running on nature trails
    reading magazines and books
    Christian Louboutin shoes
    fresh snow
    cooking for my dh
    antique jewellery
    ice cream
    meeting other people's dogs
    looking for my next Chanel bag!