Stolen ebay pictures?

  1. Check out the water mark...
  2. I don't see a watermark on the first picture.
  3. I can't either, but then again I can't hear that mosquito ring tone either. I guess I am doomed..
  4. Aw honey, you're just old.. your eyes are bad and your are hard of hearing.. LOL! Just kidding!!:P:P:P
  5. How mean!

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    But sadly, true...
  6. i thought my eyesight was going. i can't see any watermark on the first auction. :huh:

    but yes, i see the "pjellyfish" on the apple green bag.
  7. Teehee..:upsidedown:

    There's no watermark on the rouille one but I remember seeing that pic in a legit auction just recently. Or maybe my memory is shot.. Hehe, I'm gettin on in age too.:lol:
  8. No you are right, grrrrrr that was my auction and they seem to steal
    my photo everyday! :rant: :censor:
  9. Sorry Chloe! That would annoy the hell out of me too!:rant:
  10. Ok, so my memory isn't half bad. I noted it coz it was a beautiful pic in the sunlight and it really caught my eye. Argh Chloe, that's so upsetting! Hope that liar's auction gets shut down fast!
  11. I saw those! That seller has some nerve! I contacted Ebay. That seller also stole another pic for this listing:6893121740
    I notified Ebay and the legit seller about that one, too.
  12. Thanks Girls! It really is frustrating, I can't figure how ebay has not
    stopped these people! Seeing how it is a few times a week, All sellers
    are from China with 10 fake feedbacks each, all bags are listed super cheap with a super cheap BIN.....seems like a no-brainer! :rant: grrrr
  13. I forgot to add that only one had the watermark but the other picture was stolen. I am sure of it.
  14. what?? i've been eyeing on the bag by pjellfish... u tell me she's a fraud?? i think that auction just ended...
  15. No, pjellyfish isn't the fraud, her pictures were stolen by a scammer. I was so annoyed to see that scammer reappear again right with the same stolen pics under a new name(with 10 feedback again all from new users with zero feedback themselves)also from China. This person keeps coming back listing the same bags/same stolen pics under really short one day(actually, I think less than one day--more like 14 hours or less) auctions.