Stolen Coaches??


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Mar 31, 2007
I wonder how many Coach's get stolen, either from the factory, the shipping trucks, or the stores and resold. A thread was just started about counterfeit Coach sold on the side of the road and I thought maybe they could have been real but stolen. I actually witnessed some girls stuffing their shopping bags full at the outlet one time. I told the security guards and they caught them on their way out of the store. My heart was pounding! Keep on the lookout when you're in the stores - thieves make our prices go up!!!:cursing::rant::death::busted


Jul 4, 2006
i have never seen anyone steal anything at the outlet, but i am sure it happens. i did see a girl steal a wristlet from marshalls once and was arrested.

i have heard horror stories of people ordering from elux and once they opened their box it was empty. so i am sure that it happens, i just havent heard any specific to coach


May 30, 2007
YEsterday when I went in to buy my Ergo the door alarm was constantly going off - must have been malfunctioning. It didn't look like anyone was checking to see if merchandise was actually being stolen. It went off when I took my purse out of the store too, and I just waited there until one of the employees waved me away. Makes you wonder. :/


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Feb 8, 2007
Some people have a philosophy that "people are bascially good" but I say we all sinners with a congnizance.

It is safe to say there are a lot of Coach bags stolen. I would not be surprised by backdoor deals at Coach outlets and boutiques as well. Money can say a lot to some people.


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Sep 27, 2006
Funny you posted this. I have a co-worker who I convinced to get a coach bag. She purchased the Top Handled Pouch and a skinny mini. she was so happy about it and felt good spending money on somethingshe truly loved. So last weekend she was at a bar, everyone there was a friend of hers, even the bartender. She turned around for 1 second and turned back and the bag was gone. The bartender found stuff later that belonged to her. Whoever took it took the bag and the skinny mini and left her wallet and everything else in the bag and just tossed it somewhere. She thinks it may have been the bartender but it's stillawful because she knew everyone there!


Jun 6, 2007
I saw a girl shove a scarf in her bag before she paid for it at the outlet once. Luckily, the SA completely emptied the bag when she was ringing her up and she caught it. The girl said she didn't know the scarf was in there and she didn't want it (but she still paid for the bag).


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Mar 28, 2007
My SA told me about people choosing to get items shipped to them via JAX instead of being shipped to the store. One couple had ordered a bag and had it delievered Fedex or UPS whatever they send them from JAX and it requires signature.... well they lived across the street from a high school and the couple just thought their order hadnt come yet.... when they went to inquire on the status of delivery they told them it had been delivered and left on the door step. My SA called corporate to explain the situation to them about what happened and the Rep at Jax was saying " we don't send items with signature required" and my SA was saying "I know for a fact you do" soooooo needless to say when everything was all said and done, It was sent with signature required. Fedex/UPS screwed up and JAX sent the couple another bag to the store.


Feb 21, 2007
my local store was broken into by breaking the front windows for the 2nd time last week. {that I know of, could me more}.
A minimum of 30 bags were swiped this past time.
my coach store right before it opened (it opened with like 30 other stores as a second phase of an outdoor shoppign center) had the windows smashed and a bunch of bags stolen early in the morning

although swanky and i live in the same metro area so we could be talking about the same store


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Jan 28, 2007
I made a thread about this about a month ago or so. The outlet where I used to work got robbed while it was open. 3 girls came in with mace and took about 16 bags from both Coach and the D&B store right across the walkway from it. Insane.

Also, while I was still working there, I was replenishing the stock in the front and this woman came up to me and whispered that she just saw a woman with a baby carriage stick a bag inside of it. I told my manager and they kept an eye on the woman, but nobody ever approached her and asked to check her items because of the report.

As for what one person posted about alarms going off all the time that one day, they could have been having a problem with the sensors in the bags not getting demagnitized at the counter before they left. Sometimes if you don't get it just right, it will still go off when you try and leave.