Stolen Chihuahua

  1. I just saw this on the news in NYC. Can you imagine someone breaking in your house to steal your dog! They don't have picture online yet, but it's such a cute dog. Apparently the dog is very rare. If anyone is on Staten Island, be on the lookout for this little guy.

    Wednesday, December 19, 2007 | 4:54 PM

    Thieves stole Rosie Tuesday night

    [​IMG] Eyewitness News
    STATEN ISLAND -- They broke down a door in a brazen robbery, but the thieves weren't after money or jewels. They wanted Rosie, a rare chihuahua.
    Eyewitness News reporter Stacey Sager has more on the owners pleas to get the pup back.
    It's turning into a pretty painful Christmas for Deseree Fisher and her family. They treat their pet chihuahuas like real children at their Staten Island home. They dress them, they watch them swim in the family pool, they even take them on trips to see Santa. Only now, their baby Rosie is gone.
    "Rosie was so close to me," fisher said. "She never left my side. I mean, this dog, was just my life."
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    Rosie is a rare blue chihuahua, dark slate in color and only a few months old. She weighs about three-and-a-half pounds. And because this type of chihuahua is so uncommon, they can sell for about $5,000 apiece. The Fishers believe that is why someone beat down their front door Tuesday night, breaking the lock, and grabbed rosie right from the house.
    "I don't know who would do it, but my son may have slipped to a few people how much the dog is worth," Fisher said.
    "If they would bring her back, there would be no questions asked," Deseree's mother, Linda Fisher, said. "There would be no problems for the person. We don't care who took her, we just want her back."
    Perhaps no one is taking it harder than the family's two other dogs, Harley and Brownie. Family members say Harley keeps growling and Brownie is actually behaving, which is strange. They say the dogs haven't been eating very much.
    The Fishers say when they opened their front door, they caught a glimpse of the thieves, who they described as a man and a woman who took off in a black SUV.
    "Idiots," Deseree's daughter, Michele Leckow, said. "People that think that other people don't care what they do."
    Police are now investigating the case. Meanwhile, Christmas just doesn't seem the same without Rosie. The fishers are insisting that whoever took her won't get into trouble, and they say they have a friend willing to pay her cost - $5,000 - for her safe return.
  2. This story sounds a bit fishy,I'm still trying to figure out these two comments by the owners.

    "The Fishers believe that is why someone beat down their front door",then follow up with this comment, "the Fishers say when they opened their front door, they caught a glimpse of the thieves".I seriously doubt thieves would take time to close a door they supposedly broke down to gain entry,that makes very little sense.

    Blue chihuahuas aren't that hard to come by and can be purchased for as little as $850.00 from a reputable breeder.
    I'd love to see how this story pans out.If this story is indeed truthful I hope the puppy will be found and returned without harm.
  3. Wow, that is wild!
  4. People are insane..
  5. OMG This is seriously my worst nightmare.

    I can't imagine the agony the owners are going through :sad:
  6. You know, I was just thinking the same thing...although maybe the reporter just got his facts wrong. And, like you said Cat, I hope he is returned unharmed.
  7. If someone stole my dog...I would literally run after that SUV and beat them both. I love my pup :crybaby:. But hopefully everything works out for this family...
  8. I don't think they have done an update on this story yet. They do show a video of them interviewing the family on the website where they show the doggie. In a way, I do hope it is a false story so that the lil pup will be okay.
  9. Something does seem strange about this story. First of all, even blue chihuahua puppies rarely sell for $5k, and it seems strange that the woman would mention that her son was basically bragging to people that the dog was worth a lot of money. Weird.
  10. what could they get out of lying about it though? publicity, donations? anything is possible, I suppose
  11. Update on the story from

    Rosie, the rare blue sable Chihuahua puppy allegedly stolen from its home in the Graniteville section of Staten Island Tuesday night, has been reunited with its family.
    The dog was spotted by a good Samaritan, who took the pint-sized pooch in and returned her to owner, Desereeanne Fisher.
    The puppy, which weighs three-and-a-half pounds, was stolen in a brazen robbery, with thieves kicking down the front door of her Graniteville home and making off with Rosie as Ms. Fisher's brother and his girl friend unwittingly played video games upstairs.
    The homecoming comes with a Christmas surprise for the 7-month-old pup: A new dog in the family.
    After reading about Rosie's abduction, a big-hearted Staten Islander dropped a little Chihuahua puppy at the doorstep as a gift, with a bow tied around its neck.
    The more the merrier, said Ms. Fisher.
    -- Contributed by Deborah Young

    Personally I just find the whole thing strange - someone randomly left a chihuahua on her doorstep that she's going to keep, and the dog was "found" by a good Samaritan on basically the same day that it was "stolen?" I just find it weird that someone would bust down a door in the middle of the day while everyone just happened to be upstairs, know where to find the tiny dog, and then race out without being seen. The whole thing strikes me as very odd.

  12. Personally I find this story to have more holes than a slice of swiss cheese and each hole is filled with bullsh$t.
    If I heard someone breaking down a door of my home a double barrel shotgun with my finger on the trigger would give them one hell of a welcome.
  13. It doesn't ever say really how the puppy was found... it was just wandering around by itself? she took it from someone? what?
  14. Wow if the story is true, bless the lady who returned the dog!
  15. First it says they caught a glimpse after they opened/pounded down the door breaking the lock...then it says the dog was taken while her bro & gf were unwittingly playing video game upstairs. Sounds a bit odd. Perish the thought, but I wonder if someone got the $5,000 that a friend put up. Whatever transpired, I'm glad he's back at home.