Stolen Chanel bags

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  1. I'm very stressed to report that three Chanel bags have "disappeared" from my apartment in NYC.

    Most recently Chanel GST black cavier with Gold HW, authenticity #11409658 ... in the past week or so

    For the other two I'm not sure I have the authenticity #s (lesson learned)

    Chanel black goatskin patent jumbo with ruthenium hardware from 2008

    Chanel coral red python Ritz ... there is one for sale right now on eBay, but the authenticity code is not shown and I'm not sure I have the authenticity code for mine to prove its mine ... just crazy that the are selling a $4K+ bag for $400 latest bid which seems highly suspicious

    To give you some background I live in a co-op and the doormen and staff have access to my keys. This is a building policy in case of fire or flood. I've lived in the building for 17 years and have never had any problems

    I noticed the black jumbo missing a month or two ago and just assumed I misplaced it. I've spent the last two weeks going through my apartment and have not found it. Last week I let the building manager know of the issue, but I was still optimistic it would turn up. After doing a through search today, I noticed the Ritz is missing and the GST as well. I have not used the Ritz in ages and keep in in a box but the GST was definitely there last week when I started my search for the jumbo

    I'm going to call my insurance company and hope this will be covered. Also thinking I need to file a police report.

    Any advice here? As anyone had to deal with something like this?

    A bit kicking myself that I didn't keep better track of the authenticity cards. Now I've made a complete and list and "hidden" my remaining Chanels, but it's a bit like closing the barn door after then horse is gone.
  2. Omg yes! I did sadly at our beach place. It was awful. Insurance paid for it. I was so thankful. I think I had to pay a small deductible, but I had my Be Caviar, wallet on chain and another bag that was a Proenza. It was a total of around 8k. Was so sad, and my husband said never again can I bring ChAnels to the beach. I left mine in our armoire and we rent the place. When I called the next renters that went right after us, they said they did not see it. So, it was either our cleaners, our property managers, or the renters. I will never know;(
  3. Oh, you will need your receipts of you have them. I had all my stuff. They also called the stores to validate the price. My WOC had gone up in price! Also, were your bags insured or items that were high need accessories? I have all mine insured along with my jewelry.
  4. Oh no I'm so sorry this happened.. That is horrible horrible horrible. I was actually looking to buy a coop apartment myself last year. When I was going to open houses actively, I went to this one apartment where the owner had all her expensive purses sitting outside on an open shelf with no doors or anything, including her two birkins! That was very shocking to me that she just left them all out. Can't imagine if someone that was there for the open house just took it and left..
    I hope your insurance company will cover them for you since they got stolen from your apartment. I don't have personal experience in this (knock on wood) but I can imagine the stress you are feeling. Keep dealing with insurance while checking ebay and other consignment sites in case they turn up? Good luck and keep us posted!
  5. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Is there anyway you can put a lock to your bedroom? Would that go against the coop policy/rules?
  6. I had my classic mini flap stolen with my card holder inside just last week too! Thieves were brazen, they stole this from right under my nose at the airport where there is supposedly heavy security and police presence - obviously they didn't care.

    Unfortunately, I didn't have either items insured so there was nothing more that I could do in terms of recouping the losses. I did file a police report but there were no cameras at the boarding gates where it happened so police don't want to pursue this any further.

    Everyday since this incident, I've been on Ebay and the local classifieds hoping that someone will be stupid enough to list them as I still have the boxes, dust bag and authenticity cards so I could identify them via the serial numbers.

    Having been through the same thing, I feel you. Hope there is somewhat of a positive outcome!
  7. ONE of my worst nightmares, I am so so so sorry!
  8. +1 I've always wondered if I should mention this to my insurance company to be protected from theft or fire...Is this something covered under home owner's insurance?
  9. I'm glad you're safe; considering that someone was wandering around your apartment, it's good that the only casualties here were your bags. I would quietly change my locks and not give anyone else the keys. If they are only supposed to use them in case of fire & flood, there's a very good chance they'll never know.
  10. It can be but you have to contact insurance to add specific items to policy. At least that's what we've done for my bags and jewelry. The cost is minimal $/yr.
  11. This is absolutely SCARY. To think that someone was freely walking around in your apt and had the access w/o having to break in is so frightening to me! I would go straight to the Co-op board and demand to see videos of the property and a list of who has keys to your apt.

    I would definitely file a police report and maybe even get a lawyer because your security has been severely breached at this place and the co-op board has to be somewhat accountable (especially if you've been living by yourself!).

    I hope you find some compensation for your grief...Much luck.
  12. Were the cards inside the bags? Some people like to keep them there, but it's horrible if the bag gets stolen along with the card. You mentioned one may be for sale on ebay.
  13. I'm really sorry. I will keep hoping that they turn up or are recovered in some way.

    For everyone a good thing to do is take pictures and store them separately. If you have a safety deposit box at the bank then that is ideal, if not in a safe or a safe place - along with receipts etc. It makes claiming on insurance or proving ownership much easier.

    It's not any consultation if you have had something stolen but for those that are fortunate to not be in that situation it's worth considering.

    Oh wow I'm so sorry - this kind of thing infuriates me - there will be cctv somewhere nearby, why can they not be bothered to review it?! I really feel for you!
  14. I am so sorry to hear this. If you can find authenticity numbers, please post. I know tPF has helped track down criminals before!

    Also please update us with any info. GL.
  15. so sorry to hear that this happened to you. This is absolutely horrible, people who take advantage of others, it's so violating and especially when you know that this is done by someone who has access to your home - it's unforgivable!!!! :mad:

    Please know that your fellow baglovers on this forum feel for you. :hugs: