Stolen Birkin Pictures

  1. This guy has 11 stolen pictures from Luxwear:

    Also, saw stolen pictures from Bluemanx.
    Not sure how to report them.
    Can anyone check it out or help?

    Here's more stolen pics from luxwear:

  2. On my, it even has Luxwear on the stolen picture and in the description says it's orange.
  3. I reported both item anyone who has eBay should report it
  4. that is disgusting. the first one has been removed. i can't believe the dodo did not even remove the stolen ID from the photo!
  5. both have been removed:tup:
  6. hsould you spot something like this, please use option 3 in my sig below to report the fraudulent listing, and then report it to the original listor/owner of the photos.

    This is the only way to help protect our good resellers, otherwise they mail bail out of the business and wel all lose.
  7. I mean I'm hoping no one will purchase for $185.00 and see right throught that - but you never know.
    I always hope they get taken down fast because I feel sick that someone will actually send this person money.:cursing:
  8. Well, received an e-mail from eBay regarding those stolen pictures.
    They were clearly stolen. I don't understand this.

    Thank you for writing eBay in regard to possible listing information

    I reviewed your information about the possibility of image and text
    theft. At this time, I didn't find sufficient evidence to show that the
    member has violated any eBay policies.

    Please understand that in some situations members will allow others to
    use their images. It's also possible that the members acquired the photo
    from the same source or a source that we can't verify. If this is the
    case, eBay can't remove the listings.

    We will be able to take action only if the person who owns the image or
    text writes to us directly. If you feel strongly about this issue, I
    recommend that you contact the seller, informing him or her about your
    concerns and recommending that he or she contact eBay. Once we hear from
    the seller, we will then take the appropriate action.

    It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing eBay.


    eBay Customer Support
  9. In the completed auctions some bags have sold for $195.00.