Stolen bags

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  1. I am petrified....

    I was having my horse riding lessons a couple of weeks ago and in the car there was the less expensive bag I owned (a furla cotton bag I preferred to use to go to sea trips).
    It has been stolen (together with my balenciaga wallet, LV keyholder, Hermés adorable twilly, ipod, money, documents and so on).
    Now...apart from the place itself (where I will look for safe places to keep my personal belongings) now I'm scared anyway.
    I started thinking: what if I had with me a more expensive bag??
    I am starting to use less expensive things and keep my more valuable objects at home....but does this make sense?

    The problem is that a bag can be stolen while you're walking (never happened to me, but you never know!), while you're putting fuel in your car (sorry for my english, hope it makes sense) seems that the only way to be relaxed is to use cheap stuff!
    Oh, that twilly was so perfect on my hair, damn it! :censor:

    Am I the only one who's getting paranoid after this problem?
  2. That makes perfect sense to me. I remember how I would become so anxious carrying a Chanel flap that I couldn't even relax and enjoy it! Even just carrying it out to eat became a burden, because I was always concerned about it being stolen, or someone spilling something on it and and completely ruining it. It finally got to where I hardly ever carried the Chanels.
    It's bad enough having your documents and things stolen, but add the price of an expensive bag on top of that makes it even worse!
  3. Never leave anything in your automobile in plain sight or "covered" up. Put items in the boot. Period.

    No reason to be petrified or paranoid - take steps to protect yourself and you and your belongings will be just fine.

  4. Leaving something in your car is creating an easy target for a thief. Or leaving your bag in a shopping cart/trolley and turning away from it, or hanging it on the back of your chair at a restaurant. Most thieves are lazy and just want to take advantage of an easy target. Of course things can happen anywhere, anytime... but you can really minimize the risk by not creating an easy target. To me, leaving a bag in the car says "please steal this".

    Eta: for a horse lesson, maybe just carry a fanny-pack/bum-bag (sorry, in US it's called a fanny-pack... not an offensive word in US, like it is in England). Might not be glamorous, but at least you can keep everything with you.
  5. I feel like leaving expenive things like purses/wallets/sunglasses in the car is a no-no (even if the purse or wallet isnt expensive I dont think you should leave it in the car). I ALWAYS keep my wallet and purse on me. If I go to the gym, or some other place that I cant keep my bag on me, then I use a plain cotton tote bag and leave expensive things at home for the day or at least that trip out. I hear ALL the time about cars being broken into because people leave wallets/bags/ ecet in the car. Im really sorry your bag was stolen, its such a pain when you have to cancle all your cards and everything!
  6. Thank you girls.

    Yes, I know that leaving a bag in a car is a huge no-no...even if in ten years it never happened anything. The problem is that there isn't a safe place where I could put a bag, when I go to my lessons, but I'm using cheap bags when I go anyway.

    I'm getting paranoid about other places or situations...seeing how easy it is to have a bag stolen makes me nervous even when walking now.
    Maybe I will relax sooner or later, I hope so!
  7. Firstly, im sorry to hear that your furla and other things were stolen. I always avoid carrying excessive stuff when i go exercise, unless i absolutely have to. I keep it to my wallet, my phone and my key. I am afraid of getting it stolen, You should be, especially after it happened to you before, but there isnt a reason why you are afraid of being 'robbed'. It is different. Unattended items are much more likely stolen than attended ones because we can fight back and most often the culprit will be caught.
    And karma will bite those who harm others, you should not be discouraged.
  8. So true

    Although I can't strap anything on me during riding lessons, against the rules.
  9. I was paranoid but when my collection started to grow I changed and upgrade my contents insurance cover to include coverage for personal effects away from the home. I'm most worried about losing my wallet and having to replace anything or my phone with photos i haven't yet backed up.
  10. :yes:

    This problem remains. I am just using cheap bags, when I go, and hide my wallet in another place of the car (paranoid, yes). And, most of all, I am not using an expensive wallet (if I had an Hermés one, I could kill someone now) and not taking with me H. scarves, or other branded items.
    If I use cheap things I feel much more relaxed.

    Expensive things make me nervous now. My UHG (barenia HAC) is staying at home most of the time.
    I hope I will relax, but not too much: these things can happen, unfortunately.
  11. that's why i love riding in winter. i have this multi-pocketed vest from adidas that i wear and everything i need to carry go in those pockets (zipped so nothing falls out to spook the horses) :P
  12. I don't have anything to add Babi, I'm just very sorry this happened to you, it is a terrible trauma. Most of us live in denial about these things.
  13. I would just make sure that if you put anything in the trunk/boot, you don't do it right befoore you go into the gym. Sometimes people are watching. Try to put stuff in the trunk before you drive to your ultimate location.
  14. I agree too, when I go grocery shopping I NEVER leave my bag sitting in the cart, I have been guilty of leaving it in the seat when I pump gas though. When I go out to restaurants my Louis sits in my Lap, I have a friend who will sit hers on the floor but then again her bag is fake lol!
  15. I was gonna say the same thing, use the trunk. Trust me, it doesn't matter whether it's a cheap item or not; sometimes people will steal things just for the thrill. I don't even leave a jacket or sweater in there! Just too much temptation.