Stolen Auction - Please HELP

  1. I'm hoping anyone that takes a peek at this will please help me by reporting this auction to eBay. I currently have a Louis Vuitton Monogram Riveting bag listed

    and some has completely copied my auctions - photos, text everything

    I'm so mad I could SCREAM!!! :cursing: I thought I'd put the NRC script on my auction but obviously forgot. I had to relist this bag once already - eBay had put a limit on my account and I couldn't lower my BIN. So now I relisted it sunday and this happens.. . I've already gotten 2 emails about it asking which bag is real. Now another buyer is offering me $1300 since she says can buy the other for that.
    Please be sure to report the second auction item number 110173966286 as the bad one if you do report.

    What else can I do? I'm sure eBay will take 3 days to bother replying to me ... any other suggestions of what to do please .....:crybaby:
  2. ^^
    Reported 3 times.

    Need to have several different people report this

    You can cut and paste this when reporting!

    Seller copied listing from another seller...see item 260163565993
  3. thank you for your help .. I'm sitting here in tears :crybaby: I can't believe the horrible people out there with nothing better to do then try to scam people. I'm sure this person doesn't even have a bag like this to ship!!! I hope a few more report so that eBay will take notice. :s
    Thank you again!!!
  4. I reported it too. Hope it works out for you.
  5. I reported it! I did the one where you list the copier and copied one and put in the note section that it's not mine but someone else's got copied!

    I hope they take the other person's down ASAP. It must be so frustrating that even potential buyers are contacting you regarding the listings! That just tops it off!
  6. Here is the reply I got...They are so dumb...

    Dear ,

    Thank you for writing eBay in regard to copied material.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us with this information. I
    understand how this situation could be of some concern.

    I have reviewed the information that you provided regarding the use of
    images or text in item number 110173966286, but at this point find that
    I do not have enough evidence to show that the member has violated any
    eBay rules.

    Regrettably, we will only be able to take action if the owner of the
    images or text writes to us. In some instances, sellers may have
    obtained permission to use the material. Therefore, we often cannot
    remove listings based on the representations of third parties whose
    credentials we cannot verify.

    We do understand the potential for further issues in this type of
    situation. That is why, if you feel strongly about this issue, we
    recommend that you contact the owner of the images or text, and
    recommend that they contact us directly. Once we hear from them, we will
    take appropriate action.

    We appreciate you taking the time to contact us with your concerns.
    Thank you participating in the eBay community.

    We are committed to making your eBay experiences pleasant and


    eBay Customer Support
  7. That is awful..and another reason to watermark your photos. I will report it also, may not help.
  8. How about if someone 'asks a question' to the seller - ie do you really have the bag since you stole the listing? Will the question automatically come up on the listing?
  9. Surely someone is going to bid and end up with a fake or worse - nothing - if you have the original then there's no way the second listing is going to be able to send the item to the buyer!
  10. Reported! Will continue to do so until it is closed. S
  11. reported, hope it helps
  12. I reported it to ebay under the stolen pictures/text link.
    No response yet of course!
    The person just had the nerve to write me and say:
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]- kwame4486

    Duh eBay i'm not going to let someone use my pix/text for the same item I have listed that is cheaper then mine!! I've had several people already email me about this and of course a few buyers trying to get me to sell them mine for $1300 ...
    I don't know how much I'm expected to lose on a purse I carried 4 times ...

    what is a reasonable amount? ugh I'm sooo upset by this! :cursing:
  13. Why don't you put in your description the above issue? State that another seller has stolen you pictures and for them to be aware.
  14. I just reported it for you also and used my fiance's name to report it..good luck with the situaion
  15. REPORTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will check back to make sure eBay takes it down!