Stocks in CHANEL Portland...

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  1. I just want to know what's in SAKSS Fifth Avenue right now... My sister is really hard to contact and too lazy to go there to check for me.. Please help. Thanks!
  2. Damn !!! You guys got me again... ugh !
  3. I'm going tomorrow and I can check! =)

  4. Oh please doooo update me especially with the prices!! :yahoo: My sister is going back here in Hong Kong by June 30 and she can get one for me before she leaves USA... Thanks!!!


    Is there any Baby Flap in Pink there right now? And how much will it be after sale? Thanks!
  5. I just got back. There is a black GST with silver hardware.

    As far as baby animals, there is a little pink flap pouch that was I think 5XX.XX and then the sale will take another 30% off. The only other baby animals stuff was the big tote, scarfs and a few rings.

    There was one gray small "bowler" from the vintage line that will be on sale as well.
  6. Thanks for the info! :biggrin: