Stocks At Chanel, Brompton Road Boutique

  1. Hi, just to update my fellow UK Chanel Fanatics. I was in Brompton Road picking up my GST (Finally!!!!!!!) and wanted to let you know that they had a baby black cabas, Plenty of the Paris-Biarritz, The new Rock bags in red and black vinyl all sizes, Large Red Lambskin flap with new chain. New season jumbo flaps with mademoiselle lock and new chain in a vintage finish (in black and ivory). Sloane street also has the Red Lambskin timeless tote with new chain for £940. Selfridges had a black caviar timeless tote with new silver chain also. Brompton Road and Sloane Street also had the lambskin charm bag in different styles and sizes. I also saw a black timeless Clutch and large Pocket in the City Brown bag at Brompton Road.
  2. I also saw a bag that looked like the cloudy bundle line but it had a flap with a silver CC at the front. Does anyone know what this is called????. It was available in black and white at Brompton Road
  3. Syma, thanks for the update. I'll be popping over to London in August (what a long wait!), but am definitely going to head over to Chanel. Can you please tell me where the Brompton Road Chanel is at? I know where the Sloane Street one is, but for my life, I can't figure out where the Brompton Road one is. Brompton Road is the same road that Harrods is on, right? Is the Chanel near there?
  4. thanks. One of my friend is studying abroad there. Do you know whether it is cheaper to buy in London or in the US if we get tax refund from london? thanks
  5. thanks for posting syma
    really loving the idea of a large red lambskin with new chain but I have it in the E/W already :sad:
  6. Brompton Road Boutique is the largest Chanel boutique in the UK. The one in Harrods is just a concession. Brompton Road is in an area called Brompton Cross about 20 mins walk from Harrods. Nearest tube is South Kensington. Hope this helps.
  7. May I know whats the retail for a jumbo flap with the new chain there? And also do you have a contact for a good SA there? Preferably via email? thanks
  8. London is definately cheaper than the US prices I have seen on the forum. You will also get the tax refund if you ask the cashier where you buy from for the form
  9. The retail for the jumbo with new chain is 1170 GBP. I have been told by the SA's that it is difficult to get hold of, but they do come in now and then. I guess black and white will be easier than some of the other colours. As far as I know the SA's here don't use the e-mailing system but you can always phone the boutiques directly. I dealt with Lucy at Brompton Road and their number is 0044 207 581 8620.
  10. thank soy so much Syma!
  11. Thanks for the info syma!