Stockists of the Chanel medium bowler??

  1. Im in Australia, and im doing a bit of research on the stockists of the Chanel medium bowler..
    The sydney boutique only has the coral and red left, i really want the black,
    Does anyone know about the sites (Net-A-Porter/eluxury) etc sell them still or would it be better to get them from a different boutique in aus.
    Thanks for your help!:biggrin:
  2. hmm neither of those sites sell the Medium bowlers, your best bet is the boutique directly :biggrin:
  3. so no online sites sell them?
    ill have to ring the aus stores then..
  4. No one sells Chanel online unless you go through ebay.
  5. ohkay, thanks :smile:

    Does anyone know if the aus. stores can do a transfer between boutiques, from a dif. city?
  6. are u looking for the lux chanel bowler?
    or the cambon bowler?
  7. sorry, the lux bowler :smile: