stockings vs o'natural; handling changes in the weather!!

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  1. quick question before I have to run out. What do you girls do about sizing differences when you wear CL's with stockings during cooler temps and without stockings during warmer temps. I just got back and wore my leopard NP's, without stockings to a lecture this morning and my feet are killing me. It was warm and humid so I think so of it is swelling, but I have red marks in certain areas along my toes. I also wore them on Thurs. with stockings, walking all over and they were fine, except the strap kept slipping on one shoe. So how do you buy one size and wear it all year round?
  2. I want to know too, b/c usually, I just suffer through the Summer months due to my swollen feet. Anyway, I don't wear stockings period.
  3. I know exactly what you mean! I take my off (especially my vps) off during lunch breaks & have a heck of a time putting them back on:s

    Great the last thing all of us need is to be buying two sizes of each!!! lol
  4. I do not buy one size in CLs, I have up to three! I do not think it is the size that determines how it fits in various temps, for me it is the style. There is not as much difference in my VPs/NPs in cold versus hot weather. The open toe/open heel allows for comfortable stretching with swelling. However, I have found my closed toe/closed heel shoes to be less comfortable when there is swelling.
  5. I do have to size up 1/2 for summer, that's why I got most of my open toe ones a bid bigger, I can't wear them with stockings since I slip out but with bare feet they are perfect. I have a summer and winter size....and an in between one as well, lol!