stockings in summer? Fashion no no?

  1. I have a question about wearing stockings in summer, everyone is out and about in short shorts, babydoll dresses and even just shorts of skirts, is it uncommon to wear stockings in the summer (skin-tone), or is this a fashion no-no?

    Purpose, covering up blemishes or scars on legs.
  2. I probably wouldn't wear stockings cause it'd be really hot for my feet. Have you thought about leggings? I think they look really cute under dresses, and depending on their length, can cover up your legs.
  3. I've seen the 3/4 ones, rarely the long ankle ones.. where can I find them?

    What colours are appropriate?
  4. Personally, I wear stockings year-round.
  5. What colours do you wear if you don't mind me asking? :smile:
  6. Never wear stockings in summer
  7. Mostly nude/tan, sometimes black.
  8. For me it completely depends on the situation.

    Right now I am fulltime job hunting. Even though it's 90 degrees out there is no way in hell I would be interviewing without pantyhose and closed toe pumps on. No pantyhose looks completely unfinished and ridiculous on me. Also, I'm in good shape but a lil' control top never hurt a girl, KWIM?

    Now, for sundresses and things like that, more than likely not. If I need to, they are super sheer and toeless.
  9. I think if you work in an office - sometimes you just HAVE to wear stockings. Personally - i find it a nightnare - especially when when the heat is just scorching. Today we had over 35 degrees - i would not be pushed into wearing stockings - I'd rather wear light linen pants or something
  10. If dress code requires stockings, then yes, I would wear nude stockings in summer. But for casual attire I would opt for a spray tan or even the drugstore Sally Hansen spray on stuff. And NO stockings with open-toed shoes, imo, even if they are sandal-foot. Unless you are 85 years old, then you are excused from all fashion rules. LOL!
  11. I work at a local bar association. I have to wear stockings in the summer.
  12. depending on the temp outside, I wear them year round.
  13. I don't personally wear stockings, but I think if you work in a more formal environment then it'd be ok for you to wear them with your office attire. Not for the summery clothes though, I think it'd look a bit strange and plus, you'd be very hot (as in temperature lol). At least here where I live!
  14. In the summer I don't wear hose unless I have to. My issue is not so much hot feet as it is hot lady-parts. I wear stay up thigh highs or garters and stockings. Not to be sexy but I can't stand to be hot down there.