Stockholm trip

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  1. Stockholm trip yesterday to celebrate valentines day a day ahead since DH is working today.

    I had a nice shoppingtrip and a nice dinner.

    Of course I visited Mulberry, both at Birger Jarlsgatan and NK. I saw regular Alexas in oak, oak leopard, pink, ink, and butter. I liked the oak leopard the best, the oak one ( which is my favouritecolor) seemed really used, and then she had only been handled in the shop for a few weeks. I am now really glad I did send my Alexa back, because I would like my bags to be in better shape than the one I saw was after a few weeks.

    I looked at the small Drew minibag, and it was really cute, but too small even for use only as iphoneholder. Ok the phone fitted, but it feelt wrong on me. Perhaps because I am short and big. I also have found out I have problem with buffalo leather in light colors, it wrinkles to much and feels a little delicate for me. It looks beautiful in darker colors though.

    The bags that took me by surprise was the oversized baysclutch in mushroom and in black. Both was totally geourgeous. But since the price was about 160 GBP more than ordering from a UK store, they didn't follow me home. I will try and wait until I find them in a Uk store, and perhaps even try and wait until the sale if I can. The mushroom one is really perfect for summer, and the black seemed like a real classic bag. The SA said it was made of goat or calfleather, and it feelt great.

    just wanted to share
  2. Lovely trip you had! What about this black oversized baysclutch, did it have dark silver hardware or yellow gold?
  3. it had gold hardware, and that was the only thing that made me hesitate over that one, I would prefer it in silver, but I didn't like the patent wrinkled leather, so I guess I just have to live with gold hardware
  4. Or look for the black one they produced for last Summer collection, that one has great dark silver hardware. Did not spot one lately on Ebay :smile:
  5. sounds like you had a lovely day Salikons! now it sounds like you have something to work towards.
  6. Thank You for sharing Salikons. Seems you had a lovely day in Stockholm. The "used" oak Alexa, was she in BJG ? I have seen one there that don't look so good i m o.
  7. yes it was in bjg, and it looked terrible
  8. My friend bought an oversized Bays clutch last week. I hadn't been impressed by it til I saw it IRL - it's gorgeous! Lovely bag to aim for, Salikons!
  9. Thanks for sharing your trip with us! It is always good to hear what people are thinking about bags and what they are looking at and enjoying. Sounds like a great valentine's day out.

    I have the cute little drew mini and just in case you wanted to reconsider I attach a couple of little pics of my iphone in it. It is great for iphone, i use mine as an iphone holder. You can hear it ringing easily and access it fast (just popper to undo).Not that I am trying to enable you or anything, lol......:graucho:

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