Stockholm Hermes

  1. Hi! I just would like to know about the Stockholm Hermes... Do they sell any bags? Any Birkins? Do they have a wide range of bracelets and twillies?

    P.S Thank you... :yes:
  2. Dear all, i'll be travelling to Stockholm next Saturday and planning to buy an anniversary gift of either a Birkin/Kelly/Lindy for my wife. There is very limited info on the Hermes store in Stockholm. May I know anyone can help to advise whether the selection of the bags are great? And the price? Many thanks in advance

  3. Stockholm is my local store :smile: I find it very sweet but very very small. As it's a small store I do think birkins, kellys and maybe most of the lindys are reserved for long time clients or ordered for them in advanced - it's not like in France - but you can probably find other bags like evelyn, jypsiere or picotin on the shelf. My experience is that bags from the shelf do sell out very fast as it's a small store. I also noticed that the bag shelves is also quite empty right now maybe after the summer and all tourists.. The prices might be slightly higher than in Southern Europe.

    I hope you have nice trip, welcome to Stockholm! :smile:

  4. Agree with the above. Evelynes and Double Sens (along with a few men's styles) are the bags you are most likely to find on the shelf. Picos and Lindys I have seen occasionally but quite rarely. They sometimes have clutches like Jige or Egee. Birkins and Kellys are reserved for locals and there is a long list of clients to call when something comes in so I would say absolutely zero chance whatsoever on getting a B or a K. Previously it was possible for locals to order a Kelly or Birkin but that is not as easy anymore due to the backlog of clients waiting for their bags. Pricing is quite a bit more than the rest of Europe even if you would get a tax refund depending on where you travel from. Sorry I couldn't give you a more positive response. I hope you will enjoy Stockholm nonetheless.
  5. Many thanks ThingumyPoppy and Cinder. Will try my luck in Stockholm, and i'm sure me and my wife will enjoy Stockholm
  6. Anybody knows how is stock for Herbags in Stockholm? :smile:
  7. I rarely see Herbags there to be honest. Was there yesterday and they had a Toolbox, a Bolide, a few Evelynes and a lovely shiny croc Constance wallet amongst other things.
  8. Visited H stockholm last week. Couldn't be happier with the attentive service there. Bag wise, they had GP 30 in etoupe. Cost SEK 24000 and you can have 15% tax refund. Sadly it wasn't look good on me so I didn't get it. Other than that was mostly evelyne 29. They only have deliveries once a week on Friday.
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  9. Hi ladies

    Do any of you shop in the Stockholm store?

    I want a Kelly but I do not have a relationship whit a sa. I have bought my items in different countries.

    Do they still have "the list"
  10. Yes, they have a ”list”. The list was open yesterday and hade Kelly 28 and 30 left!!!