Stockholm 2013 - Itinerary Help Required

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  1. My DH and I are off to Stockholm for 4 days in February next year. We wanted a cold holiday for a change and want to make the most of such a beautiful city... So, where is there that we *have* to go and what is there we *have* to see?

    Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

    Mrs PPS x
  2. Stockholm is a fabulous city. I loved walking down the cobblestone streets in Old Town. Too much to do in 4 days. However, here is a start. Everyone speaks English. Very easy to navigate because the people are friendly and helpful.

    Hopes this helps. Have fun!

    1. Stockholm Palace
    2. Drottingholm Palace
    3. Vasa Palace
    4. Winter Cruise for the archipelago
    5. Skyview
    6. Butterfly House
    7. Changing of the guard
    8. ABBA Museum (oh actual museum to the music I have not been there.
    9. Strolling in Old Town - great little shops
    10. Try the Swedish Meatballs
  3. I love Stockholm and think it's a great winter weekend destination if you live in Europe. CCole187's recommendations are spot on. It's also worth doing a hop-on hop-off bus tour and a canal tour to get your bearings at the beginning of your stay. The museums are really good - my favourites are the National Museum, Moderna Museet and the Nordiska Museum. Fotografiska is also good if you like photography. I tend to pay for my activities on websites like Expedia in advance (the walking tours are good) but just schmoozing around the city also works for me. Enjoy!
  4. Hope Mediana see this, she lives in Konungariket Sverige.
  5. I agree schmoozing around the city is really great!
  6. Yes, I saw this :smile: Just not sure what to recommend. Feb can be hit or miss but we usually have snow. Is there something specific OP is interested in?
  7. Oh I adore Stockholm, and Sweden in general! (@ Mediana - beautiful avatar graphic of Stockholm!)

    CCole's recs are pretty much in line with what I know. And yes, simply wandering around the city is definitely just as enjoyable as anything else.

    I will add that in terms of food, I really enjoyed:
    -Sundbergs Konditori (address Järntorget 83, Old Town): supposed to be the oldest existing cafe/confectionery in Stockholm, founded in 1785. Charming interior and tasty, reasonably priced sweets which I loved - including, of course, Swedish princess cake.
    -Hermans (address Fjällgatan 23B; website a delicious organic vegetarian buffet restaurant with a gorgeous waterfront view of the city - if you look up its location on Google Maps you'll know what I mean! They change food themes every day I think, and I found it well priced for Stockholm.

    For a taste of the less touristy side of Stockholm, I reckon the Södermalm district is great. Vibrant, hip, good food, good fashion, a bit more eclectic.

    Native Swedish TPFers, feel free to correct me on anything :smile:
  8. Thank you everyone for your wonderful suggestions! It has made me even more excited to go on our trip (finally booked the flights today - yay!).

    CCole187 - All of your suggestions look great (had a bit of a Google session!) - Skyview looks especially amazing, so I think that will be going on our *must do* list. Might have to have a mooch around the ABBA museum to - just to say we were there!

    Mediana - Nothing specific that I am interested in, just like to see as much of a city as possible while there... Although, DH does like architecture and historic buildings (as do I) so it would be nice to find something in that respect (eg. St Peter's in Rome, Notre Dame in Paris etc.) I do try my best to eat local foods when I am visiting somewhere, so a nice restaurant with proper Swedish food would be on my list.

    JJ91 - Sundbergs Konditori sounds like one of the first places I am going to have to visit! I can't think of anything nicer than a nice cake after a few hours wandering round... :smile:

    I was thinking of going to the Ice Bar as well, just for the experience - I know you have to book for this in advance - is it worth it??

    Thanks again

    PP xx
  9. Enjoy. I loved the city. The people were amazing. I visited a couple of Octobers ago and the city was literally "golden" from the trees turning. Beautiful. Restaurant you might try Mathias Dahlgren - reservations are essential. Fredsgatan 12 -reservations a must. Wedholms Fisk for fish. I would go to the Ice Bar if for nothing else, you can say you were there! :smile:

    A fun little website is: which explains each of the neighborhoods. You will see amazing architecture everywhere!
  10. I organized a team outing to Stockholm and would recommend the boat tours with Stromma, a walk in Gamlastan (old city) and a visit to the Vasa museum.

    If you like Haute Cuisine you have to try F12 Fredsgatan. Go to Fem Sma Hus for traditional Swedish dishes and check out the Ostermalm Halls with food stalls. However, there are other places that are great, but that I couldn't make in that time.

    If you like partying/clubbing I can recommend Café Opera and Sturecompagniet
  11. Thank you!

    We will be there for my husband's 30th birthday so might be tempted to go to F12 for his birthday dinner. Sounds like the perfect place. :smile:
  12. For a nice restaurant I would recommend Frantzen-Lindeberg It's laid back but with great food. It's located in the Old town so you can combine it with (hopefully) a winter walk.

    Have you decided on a Hotel yet?
  13. Not yet. When we were in Paris in September we got an apartment through airbnb which worked really well for us so have been looking at this as an option for Stockholm too. However, we are going with my mother-in-law and her partner too (she wants to be with her son on his 30th birthday!) and they are less keen on this option... Is there a hotel that you would recommend?

    Thanks for the restaurant tip too... I'll have to look into that one. We will be there for 4 nights so will have time to try a few nice places hopefully!
  14. I would say apartment rental in Stockholm is not even on the map. There are such shortage for apartments and the rules for renting out second hand are very strict. I've been standing in queue for an apartment since 1997 and I have still not been able to get an offer for anything bigger than a one room apartment in the city. There are some companies that specialize in corporate apartments but the rent is very high. I'm not saying its impossible, but almost. I wouldn't hope for that option.

    Do you know in what area you'd like to stay?

  15. Finding the right hotel will depend on your budget, but the "Grande Dame" of Stockholm is Grand Hotel Stockholm on the waterfront. However, you will want to upgrade to Classic or Superior Room because anything less is tiny...tiny...tiny. Great location, steps from museums and historic sites. This is on the more expensive side. I don't know if they are still undergoing rennovations or not. There is also the Hilton Stockholm Slussen. Nobis Hotel is contemporary and has a nice feel. Norrmalmstorg, in the heart of the city. Norrmalmstorg is the most central and prestigious square in downtown Stockholm, located in the center of the city’s business, shopping and entertainment district. Enjoy your travels! I loved Stockholm. Was there one October and the city was golden. People are amazing.