Stock update @NM Plano

  1. Here's what I saw. . . the store was FULL of stock BTW, I didn't write everything down:
    Small black Kelly

    Le Marais -LOVED this IRL!
    - large gold tote
    -small gold flap - $1550
    -large black flap

    -choco mini reporter
    -black mini reporter
    -large black tote
    -beige bowler
    -black bowler

    Cotton Club
    -blue pochette
    -silvery white pochette
    -black bowler

    Lots of Timeless Classic clutches including red lamb, and a few perforated ones PLUS {Maxter this is for you} a coral python clutch!

    Lots of Classic Flaps, I remember brown, black and white ones.

    Lots of Expandable including a white flap and a red tote.

    Saw Modern chain totes and flap.

  2. Thanks Swanky!
  3. thanks for the update Swanky
  4. I love classic flaps.
  5. may i ask how much the cotton club and cambon bowlers are ?

    and what is Le Marais ?

    oh and is this paticular Neiman Marcus in willow bend because if so im super excited !!
  6. Hi Swanky,

    Was the large blk tote the white C C's? Do you know if retail has gone up on those yet? I SO MISS PLANO!:cry:
  7. No it's the black on black, didn't check the price!
  8. I didn't note the prices. . . Le Marais is a new really cool but small ligne. It's lamb but it feels very durable and it's got the COOLEST finish! The gold is actually very worn looking w/ black rubbing through, it's so awesome!

    -yes, it's Shops of Willowbend :yes:

    -Cambons don't come in black/white anymore.
  9. pic of the le marais please or a link..thanx x
  10. thanks so much swanky my dad actually lives im walking distance of willow bend in airpark estates so im cant wait to go check out chanel :smile:
  11. ^^I don't have photos, if you do a search I think someone has posted photos.
  12. Amanda, did you happen to see this one?
  13. I don't remember seeing that one Kath. . . but I'm really only a shoulder bag girl, so I could have easily skimmed right over it:shrugs:
    Did Shannon tell about the upcoming luncheon yet?
    It's September 10th, I think.
  14. The cotton club bowlers are 1750.00