Stock update HN Edinburgh

  1. Just back from HN Edinburgh.

    Here's what they have:

    2 white coin purses (sale 97.00GBP) I can not say for sure if they are white or calcaire. But 99% sure they are white.

    1 Large black Ring Bag (sale 360.00 GBP)

    A bunch of whistle bags, all on sale. Red and black.

    Not on sale
    1 First, Blue India
    1 Part-time, Blue India
    1 Greige City
    1 Olive Brown Work (marron)

    New stuff:

    Marine city with regular hardware. This marine colour to me looks more purple than just navy blue. It looked gorgeous in person. It really changed colour as you twirled it in the light.

    Cafe City with giant hardware

    Marine Giant Brief with giant hardware

    White or Calcaire City.

    Rouge VIF First.

    A black make-up and a rouge VIF companion
  2. thanks for the detailed update siri...really appreciate it from here in the states! :yes:
  3. Thank you so much siri :heart: i guess no Matelasse bags on sale?:crybaby:
  4. They had a large black Matelasse. I am just remembering that now because my 2 year old son picked it up tossed it over his shoulder and started to walk off with it!

    It could be on sale, I didn't look at the price on that one. Just quickly took it back from my son and put it back on the shelf!

    I'll be in town tomorrow, so can easily pop in and double check. Will PM you if it's on sale.
  5. Thanks Siri! The Marine sounds gorgeous!!
  6. It really was gorgeous! I was expecting it to be a flat navy or something. Even my DH agreed it was purpleish. With regular hardware too! Then he grabbed my elbow and escorted me out of the Balenciaga section...:sad:

    If I can't find an Anthracite City, I am def going to go for this one.
  7. WOW ... :nuts: thank you siri.... for the fantastic investigation - you're the greatest :yahoo: :love: