Stock Update at NM at Stanford - Palo Alto

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  1. Lg white soft & chain hobo
    Med Blush soft & chain hobo
    Patent Lux Ligne - Flap & bowler white
    Denim Cabas - Lg & XL
    Some caviar flaps w/new chain
    They have more stock, these are just the ones that caught my eye.
  2. what color did they have in terms of the flap w/ the new chain/ tia.
  3. Im headed there in a few minutes.. :smile:
  4. white caviar in jumbo and medium
  5. was there earlier they had the following:

    black/white pearl chocker $385.00
    salmon colored expandable flap
    varioss colored patent luxury bowlers & flaps
    mini cambon reporter in beige
    cambon mini black/black messenger
    black rock and chain hobo in L size
    black w/ gold hardware M/L classic flap
    black w/ silver hardware east west bag
    black cotton club tote
    lots of jumbo and M/L classic flaps all in either black or white
    various soft and chain hobos
    soft and chain flap in electric blue color
    2.55 reissue clutch
    punk clutch & flaps
    denim cabas in L and XL
    cotton club wallets
    sombrero bowlers
    white sombrero purse
    black modern chain tote E/W size
    lots of madison bags & also in patent
    GORGEOUS soho collection flaps $1795.00
    lots of new totes in black

    Nothing else out of the ordinary
  6. thanks for the update
  7. Calling in the morning for the Salmon Jumbo Expandable!
    Thank you!

  8. hope you get it, its gorgeous.