Stock @ Susan Burlingame

  1. I was on Burlingame Avenue this afternoon with the FI designing our wedding bands and "happened" to walk on over to Susan. As we all know, they're no longer ordering stock from Balenciaga. :sad: However, they still have a wall of leftover stock! They have 5 bags in French Blue - I remember a bowling, work, city GGH, 5 bags in Vert Gazon - of which I remember courier, work, WE, and some Vert D'eau, 3 Red (I don't know what specific Red this is) and 3 other bags that I can't remember. They were all GORGEOUS leather!
  2. Wow, thanks for sharing the info!
  3. were there any first, thanks!
  4. Couture: This was one of the stores I called searching for a twiggy. Do you remember seeing any??? And what the leather looked like?
    They don't allow I'm a little worried to order from them!
  5. Hmmm...I'll try to go over there this week from work in Foster City and report back. I may not get there until Wednesday or so (by then we may have snapped everything up), since I know my boss want me to work on something with him early in the week, which will be a huge rush. I was thinking that I need to go to babystyle anyway, since I'm starting to need maternity clothes, so this gives me another reason to go to Burlingame. I'll try to go as soon as I can...
  6. I didn't see any firsts, sorry!

    I don't recall seeing a twiggy - however, most of the bags had great leather! If you want to call them, I would recommend Anita - she's very knowledgeable and super nice! I was worried about buying from them before because of their return policy, but it was fine and the leather was gorgeous!

    I walked by a baby store on saturday. It was closing down and there were people moving things out of it. I think it was Baby Couture, though. :yes: I hope you're able to get down there soon, though. The bags have been there for awhile, already - I doubt they'd be gone by then.
  7. Ilisha is also a super nice and helpful SA. I am not sure if she's at the Burlingame or S.F. location, though (I dealt with her on the phone so at least I have an excuse for being a bit fuzzy on that.. ;) )
  8. Okay, I couldn't stand it so I just called. Here is what they seem to have-
    Twiggy in a 'Kelly Green' and 'Sea Green'
    City in the Kelly RH, Sea Green RH, and Periwinkle GGH
    Work Blue GGH, Kelly
    'the bag that is bigger than work' Sea Green
    Messenger in Kelly and Red
    2 navy quilted bags
    Bowler in the periwinkle (which is between periwinkle and true blue)

    Why doesn't Bal put the color name on the tag? frustrating! I don't know if this helps anyone, but I thought I would try. (I'm looking for Aquamarine)
  9. Kelly green is most likely vert gazon .
  10. Thanks for the info, are the bags on sale or reg. price?
  11. I want to know as well, sale or reg. price?
  12. I just called again to check, and they are regular price. :sad:
  13. kelly is vert gazon
    seafoam is vert d'eau
    red is vermillion
  14. Can you order by phone and have them ship it or is it in-store only? TIA!
  15. whenever I call no none pics up the phone.