Stock shortage = resale prices on the rise?

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  1. Have you guys noticed the prices of many of the used LV bags seems to be going up since the 'shortage'?

    For example....I just saw a Damier Ebene Neverfull PM on eBay for $850 :o Really??? It's probably not even real based on the listing.

    Perhaps people think they have a comodity that people want & can't get, so they'll pay more.
  2. I saw a Vernis Alma BB on *bay for AUD1800 a couple of months ago when the retail price in boutique is ONLY 1330...Yikes..:wtf:
  3. Even without the shortage, you see resale prices like this, and people buy them too. It could either be because they don't have access to LV, or they're just uninformed about the retail prices.
  4. Wow!
  5. I bought a like new AUTHENTIC! galliera on the bay for wayyyy under retail ;) Also an NF and speedy for great prices. I resold the NF and speedy very quickly though and broke even after I figured out I didn't want/need them.
  6. it does seem that LV prices are a little higher on the bay these days....