Stock photo of Framboise Vernis Cles/Coin Holder?

  1. Does anyone have one that they could post so I can put it up for my auction. I have other pictures up that I took but I need a stock one and Eluxury doesn't have the Framboise color....

    Anyone have it?

  2. I thought eBay doesn't allow the use of ANY stock pictures in a listing since that would count as a copyright violation ... I'd be careful with adding that picture :shame:
  3. Really? I never knew that? Even if you say the certain picture is from Eluxury?
  4. I really think that doesn't matter

    On this site it says:

    Don’t copy pictures (without permission) from another eBay seller or manufacturer/retailer.

    So you'd need eLux's permission to use the pic.
  5. I highly recommend against the use of ANY stock pics - it is against eBay policy and does not add anything to an auction IMO - buyers need to see the actual item
  6. I would also think that the buyer would like an actual photo of the item they are bidding on.
  7. Well I do have plently of acutal photos... IDK I always thought they needed a stock one too...

    Oh well it has bids already so I can't change it anywho.

    Thanks though.