stock of SALE bags at Neiman Denver

  1. just got back from Cherry Creek Mall in Denver and saw quite a few Chanels on sale!

    pink lambskin medium flap priced aroun $1550
    pink medallion tote
    pocket in the city in black and brown
    a few satches (don't know which line, sorry)
    brown suede tote with silver hardware
    some jewelery

    i scored a black flap for under $1200 and a pair of Chanel shoes for $390(at Saks).

    Good luck!
  2. Congrats on the flap! Was this the outdoor flap - large distressed black leather with silver HD? Just wondering if you saw it in person? Thanks for any info!
  3. congrats on your purchases and thanks for sharing!
  4. Thank you for posting this :heart: I was just looking to purchase a classic flap, what a perfect timing! I intended to get a small or mini but medium is even better! And now what the best part is --- they discount using the PRE price increase price :nuts: This is such great deal :flowers:

    P.S. I called Denver but when I called the pink flap was already gone, but I didn't give up and called around other stores and found another one in Willow Bend :yahoo:
  5. oooo pink flap sounds good
  6. I have seen that pink flap and it is TDF. Lucky you!
  7. OMG, pink med flap is on sale?? I'm drooling for one. Is it still available??
  8. I have a few sa's looking for me....they are far and few in between. There are a few lamb, but not a alot of caviar. :sad:
  9. i'd love to get a pink flap too.. anyone know which stores to call? i live in HK and my phone bill will be sky high if calling all stores around. thanks
  10. Thanks for the above info...if only the pink flap is in caviar.......:smile:
  11. is the pink medium flap the classic one? the one originally priced at 2150usd?

    I thought the classics never go on sale...
    I just bought mine before the Nov 1 price increase...

  12. yeap, that's the one! i got lucky today!
  13. Any pic of how the outdoor flap look like?? I thought it was a classic pink med flap???