Stock of Chanel on Madison Avenue


Dec 3, 2007
Hmmm... Quite disappointing, to be honest, but at least it was a better than Soho one, which didn't have one nice bag to report of.:Push:

- Ultimate Soft, in beige
- Various sizes of East West line, in red and white
- Rodeo Drive medium and large shoulder bags, in black and white
- Rodeo Drive flap, in white
- The Drill, NS tote, larger flap, smaller flap, all in gold
- Ankle bags, in red and black
- Tiny version of Evening Star, in black
- Glazed lambskin mini flaps, in yellow and salmon
- Lambskin WoCs with camellia closures, in red, black, and purple (If soon to be out purple lambskin flaps are similar to this purple, I'll be :love:)