Stock @ Neiman Marcus San Francisco

  1. as of 9.29.07

    regular hardware
    first: violet, white mogano, emerald, mogano, naturel, black
    city: black, naturel
    part time: vert gazon
    weekender: mastic,
    brief: naturel,
    afternoon: black, camel, white

    giant gold hardware
    black: city, sphere, hobo
    vert fonce: city
    white: brief, day
    steel: work, hobo
    periwinkle: weekender
    tabac: brief
    mogano: city

    giant silver hardware
    ocean: RTT
    jaune: work
    black: escapade, brief
    tomato: work

    other bags/wallets
    aquamarine LE with gunmetal giant hardware
    lg. matelasse: naturel, black, tabac
    moon clutch: black, tabac
    envelope clutch: mastic, pine, black (all with GGH)
    giant traveler: aquamarine, black (GGH)
    money wallet: violet (GSH), jaune, black, tomato, naturel, mogano (all RH)
    toilet: mogano
    portefeuille wallet: mogano
  2. no twiggys?
  3. oh, yes they did have one twiggy, in a darker brown...
    it might have been cafe...

    i also realized i missed a few bags up there...

    regular hardware
    brief: natural, truffle
    weekender: mastic, truffle
  4. Really? Naturel from which year?!

    Not Sandstone, right?
  5. Hi Kimair

    may i ask how was the leather on the violet first? i'm looking for one! Have you got the email addie of the store? TIA! :smile:
  6. rere...sorry, i meant to say ivory...
    so all of the bags i called naturel are ivory...

    whistlez...the leather on the violet first was very nice...
    i don't have an email address, just a phone number: 415.362.3900
  7. ^^ That's alright. Save me a month's worth of eating/going out anyways... LOL.

    Thanks though, I would have been there at the butt-crack of dawn to get 'em.