Stock List for Cult Status 2008

  1. Hey all

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but thought you might like to know what incoming styles and colours Cult Status have for 2008.

    Prices are quite high though. Eg - the Work goes for AUD$2095

    But worth it if you really want something and cant find it anywhere else!

    Enjoy :heart:

    Black: Weekender, City, Day, Makeup, Twiggy, Money, (S) Giant City, (S) Giant Work, (S) giant Day, (S) Giant Besace, (G) Giant City, (G) Giant Work, (G) Giant Day, (G) Giant Part-Time, (G) Giant Handle, (G) Giant Hobo, (G) Giant Besace, (G) Giant Envelope, (G) Giant Compagnon(G) Giant Slim.

    Electric Blue (Bleu Electrique) : City, Twiggy, Mini Purse, Day, Makeup, Work, (G) Giant City, (G) Giant Work, (G) Giant Day, (G) Giant Part-Time, (G) Giant handle, (G) Giant Besace, (G) Giant Envelope.

    Sky Blue (Azurro): Makeup, Mini Purse, Work, Day, (G) Giant Work, (G) Giant Day, (G) Giant Part- Time.

    Magenta (Fauxia/ Ciclamino): Twiggy, Mini Purse, City, Work, (S) Giant City, (S) Giant Work.

    Bubblegum (Rosa): Makeup, Weekender, City, Twiggy, Mini Purse, Work, (G) Giant Work, (G) Giant Day, (G) Giant Part-Time, (G) Giant Handle,

    Turquoise: City, Mini Purse, Work, (S) Giant Handle,

    Yellow: City, Work, (S) Giant Handle.

    White: (G) Giant work, (G) Giant Part-Time, (G) Giant Hobo, (G) Giant Slim.

    Please Note:
    (G) = gold giant hardware
    (S) = silver giant hardware
  2. Thanks fashion!!!:heart: Any violet SGH bags?
  3. Hey Zac

    Yes, they have the RTT, Part-time & Brief!

    I asked for some pics so you could have a looky!

    PS - veeeeery excited about my new arrival (hopefully tomorrow!)
    RTT_violet.jpg violet_G_brief.jpg Violet_PT.jpg
  4. are there none of these colors in the "shoulder" style?
  5. Fashion Cult, thanks so much!!! That mini purse, is that the Coin purse you mean?
  6. As far as I have been told, all that they will have in stock are listed - so I would say no?
  7. I think that would be the Coin Purse - sometimes AU retailers use different names!

    I have purchased a Coin Purse from them in the past... and they called it a Coin Purse - but I think that may have been because I called it that first :yes:
  8. hi fashion, i have seen magenta (s) part time once in harrods...
  9. Yes, Cultstatus called CP a Mini Purse..
    I bought a tomato CP from them and at the beginning I thought it was some different style in Balenciaga and I was so intrigue!! :smile:
  10. Thanks hun!

    I was so disappointed when I saw that list awhile ago, because they are not bringing in any of the bags I want! :sad:

    So what have u got your eye on eh? :graucho:
  11. What is a Giant Handle? This is probably an obvious question, but I can't work it out right now...Up all night to a crying baby :sleepy:
  12. I reeeeeeeeeeeally want a Weekender... Electric Blue would be pretty out there for a bag of that size, but I'm not sure yet.

    I do want a peice of Electric Blue though - whether it be a Brief, Work or Weekender... I must have! :lol:

    How about yourself?
  13. I've resigned myself to getting my bags from Bal NY.

    I've a BG city with RH on the way tmr, I'm waiting for a pale magenta SGH Day, BG silver giant hobo, sahara silver giant hobo, vert thyme SGH slim!

    Electric blue with SGH will be awesome I reckon.

    KDC - maybe Giant Handle is the Step?
  14. WOW... you're treating yourself aren't you! :tup:

    I think I'm going to muster up my courage and pay Miss Louise on Collins St a visit this week to check out what they have.:boxing:

    Do you get charged high customs when you get stuff sent from BALNY? Because I'm sure they would declare the full value amounts yes?
  15. jade, have you seen a pic of the bg sgh hobo? i would love to see this?