Stock in Santa Eulalia, Barcelona - including Vert Gazon Giant Day!

  1. Hi all:smile:
    I just returned from a vacation in Barcelona where I visited the only store that sells balenciaga "Santa Eulalia".
    I was pretty distracted by a violet work so I didn't take a closer look on all the bags they had. But here is what I remember seeing (if my memory serves me correctly):

    -Not just one but three of the popular Vert Gazon Giant Day:yahoo:
    - Lilac First
    - Sapin First
    - Truffle City GH
    - Anthracite Hobo
    - Anthracite Weekender GH
    - Anthracite Giant Traveler GH
    - White City GH
    - Black City GH
    - Vert Fonce Hobo SGH
    - Ocean Part time SGH
    - Ocean Brief RH
    - Steel Part time SGH
    - Sienna City SGH
    - White Hobo SGH

    And a Violet Work SGH which I got, but unfortunaly they only had one.

    The SA I spoke to said that they would also be getting marigold (forgot to ask which styles) and the Giant Clutch in violet.

    I had a great experience and it was the best service I've ever got so this store is definetely highly recommendable.

    I apologize in advance for any mispelling or grammatic errors :shame:- English isn't my first language.

    Hope this helps some of you in your search for bbags!
  2. :yahoo: OMG I need their phonenumber....
    please post...thanks
  3. I don't have the receipt with me right now but according to the "Reputable Stores Carrying Balenciaga" thread their phonenumber should be 0034 932 150 674

    Good luck! Hope you get one!

  4. Yes thanks...just noticed....I will call them....;)
  5. Congratulations on your Violet GSH Work and thanks so much for the information!:smile:
  6. Thanks for the info :nuts:

    Do you know what the prices like in Barcelona in comparo w/ US?

    TIA :heart:
  7. Thank you:smile:
    And you are very welcome!
  8. You are welcome! I'm glad to help. Unfortunately I'm not sure how the prices are compare to the prices in the US since I almost never buy from overseas because of the taxes.
    But the prices where pretty similar to the prices in France and Denmark, where I live.
    I paid 1295 euros for the Giant Work. Hopes this helps a little.
  9. Thank you Hinge13 :heart::heart:

    I think for the GGH it works out to be cheaper than US..

    Can't wait for your pic of the Violet Gem :yahoo:
  10. Wow - the VG Day w/GH is big news! They must not have gotten the Katie Holmes memo in Barcelona. ;) Thanks so much for posting. Swissflower, let us know if you get it.
  11. do they take international orders?
    anyhow know? thanks
  12. :crybaby::crybaby:No luck finding this bag.
    I called, they have nothing like a vg daybag there
    at all.
    Oh goes on....:sad:
  13. What? That can't be right! :confused1:
  14. :confused1:FIATFLUX.....
    why can`t it be rite???
    Do you know that they have them there?
    Let me know....I will buy one...:p
  15. ^^ What?!I don't get it?!:confused1: Either the SA you spoke to doesn't know what they have in stock and perhaps didn't bother to check or she doesn't know any of the colours or they must have sold all three since I was there (tPF have shown in the past to be a powerfull community).
    I saw and touched all three of them so either they sold out or you where misinformed by the SA. Did you explain the colour to her? The SA I spoke to, though she was fantastic, didn't know all the official names and referred to it as grass green.
    Did you tell her it was from last season? Because they didn't have last seasons bags on the floor when I was there. The SA went out back to get them for me.