Stock in Honolulu =)

  1. I'm vacationing here until Sunday--here's what I've seen so far:

    -New Lock in white, small & large size (Waikiki)
    -Rock & Chain, small size in black and white (both locations)
    -Rock & Chain, large hobo, white @ Ala Moana
    -Denim Cabas (both sizes, Waikiki)
    -Bunch of Naked, Baby Animal, and Paris Biarritz Bags
    -White Ultimate Soft
    -Medallion totes in black, white and tan
    -Cerf tote in beige
    -Expandable in black and white
    -Medium classic flaps in caviar in black and beige
    -East West in navy w/silver hardware (Ala Moana)
    -Perforated classic flaps in red, white, red/white/blue (Waikiki)
    -Crochet classic flap (don't know the name of this purse, lol, sorry) in black and white
    -Baby Animal Pendants - Butterfly, Ladybug, Bunny, Cat

    That's all I can remember for now! Chanel is just a 2 minute walk from my hotel, so i'm happy to stop in if anyone is looking for something in particular :p Just PM or respond to this thread :heart:
  2. Aloha!

    I wish I was there too!

    Have a wonderful time! :beach:
  3. thanks for the info, have a great holiday.
  4. oohhh... do they have any cambon ligne totes (med or large size) there? are the prices fairly similar there? i heard a rumor that hawaii is a very expensive place to visit.. i wasn't sure if they were referring to everything or just hotels and restaurants..

    thanks and enjoy your vacation!!! :smile:
  5. thanks for the info. Hope you are enjoying Hawaii. I hope to go this summer.
  6. oh.. do they have the long cambon wallet in black with white cc? how much do they go for now?

    thanks!!! Have a great time in Hawaii
  7. OOOH OHHH do they have the cambon flats in stock black with white or black on black???

    Thanks! have fun and enjoy the sun!
  8. Oh wow!! Will you get to visit other islands? Have a fun and safe trip.
  9. white ultimate soft sounds YUMMIE! :love:

    Thanks for posting! :flowers:
  10. They have really good stock!!! Have fun!
  11. sorry for the late response, i had little time to get away =)

    ltwuelfing - i only saw the pochette size cambons at the waikiki boutique

    sh101 - they didn't have that wallet in waikiki, i haven't tried to looking in ala moana yet!

    weibaobai - the black ones were available at ala moana

    and thank you everyone, for wishing me well on my trip!
  12. I'll be vacationing in honolulu next week, and plan on purchasing a new bag. Can anyone tell me what they currently have in stock at the boutiques? TIA
  13. Thank you! Do you know how much the naked is and if its a flap and the denim cabas is and what hardware they come with? Enjoy Hawaii!
  14. That list was from 2007. I was back home in Honolulu for the summer and their stock seemed average. Only the normal/standard colors. However, check the Ala Moana boutique and ask if you're looking for something particular. I noticed they don't display everything they have (when they moved the sliding mirror doors I saw a whole bunch of e/w bags in glazed lambskin and some m/l flaps in colors that weren't on display.
  15. Thanks! I'm thinking about buying a camera bag and I was wondering if they have any in stock.