Stock I saw today- For triple point/GC Event

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  1. I just saw the following bags available for the Sale Event - if seriously interested p.m. me for information.

    Coco Puzzle bags in Red and in Black m/l $2,795.00

    Love Bow Bag, Black Satin in large and in small m/l $1,690.00 and $1,850.00

    GST - Black with gold - White with Silver

    Brown Expandable Flap

    Lady Braid - Red m/l 3,395.00
    Lady Braid - Black m/l $3,395.00

    Baseball Spirit Bowling Bag - Navy $3,175.00
    I think there was one in Black for same price.

    Black Jumbo in Caviar with silver chain and Black Jumbo in Caviar with gold chain.

    Petite Shopper - Black and beige with Gold Chain $1395
    White with silver chain $1395

    Graphic Edge flap style- Black $1,995.00
    Graphic Edge large Hobo Style Black $2,250.00

    Rodeo Drive Smaller size - beige,leather has a slight pinkish tone hobo $$2,650.m/l
    Rodeo Drive Black Flap leather medium- also in white $2,150 m/l
    Rodeo Drive, in Silver, Large perforated leather $3,150
    Some of the Rodeo drives had both a short chain and a long strap in the large sizes.

    There is also 1 pair of white with black camellia jellies in Size 7 being held for me, but I think I need and 8., p.m. if interested.

    This is all I can remember by memory.....please note prices may be slightly off but pretty close., pm me for SA info if seriously interested.:heart:H
  2. Thanks for posting. How much is the brown expandable flap?
  3. Price on the expandable I think is around $2600 something....not absolutely positive.
  4. Thank you for sharing! :tup:
  5. Black baseball spirit is SOLD OUT~!WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
  6. Did you like the small bow bag? It looks so cute in pictures. Just wondered what you thought about it in person. Thanks.
  7. did you happen to see any red bags there? or has chanel stopped all red products.. ?
  8. Thanks!
  9. I loved it and think you can use it sport and dressy alike....:heart:H

  10. Like I posted, they had the Coco puzzle and the lady braid in red.:heart:H

  11. Jill, I had to go back to the store.....the dark blue (navy with a tiny bit of red around the zipper), Baseball Spirit Expandable is...GORGEOUS!!!!, will p.m. you.....I think you will love it....:heart:H

  12. ^Ive seen the Blue the trunk show,didnt like it
  13. Thanks for sharing!
  14. i saw it in navy and i thought it was reallly teeny. it's cute tho! (:
  15. I have a question I'm new to this.
    Is GC and Triple points the same thing?
    Also is this in reference to the Saks event.