Stock from 4/12 Rodeo Dr.

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  1. Rodeo Dr. Flap & Hobo White/Black
    Hidden Chain Blue
    Day Glo
    Evening Star
    Icon Flap Sm/Med White
    Icol Flap Large Coral
    GST White/Beige S/H
    Jumbo Flap White/Black S/H
    Satin Bow Black Lg
    Medallion Tote Beige
    Accordian Flap White/Beige
    Paris Biarritz Pony Hair
    Paris Biarritz Sm to Lg Black
    Ultimate Soft Sm Beige/Black
    Modern Chain E/W Tote White
    Modern Chain Flap White/Black
    Icon Symbols Pochette Silver
    Hollywood Hobo & Flap
    Neon Flap & Tote Black Flap with White CC & Black Tote with Neon Pink CC

    This is just some of what I seen today on Rodeo. Just a quick update for you ladies.
  2. wow good memory! thanks for posting the info! :tup:
  3. Thanks for posting!
  4. Thanks for the update lvusr1. Do you have any contact info for a SA at the
  5. SA Jason Richie is a DOLL! 310 278 5500
    ~He's my Fav!
  6. Thanks for posting!
  7. Here's my SA that I used yesterday. She was really nice and super patient while I was asking her to see all these bags. I'm so glad I purchased with her.

    Gaby Alegria 310-278-5500

    If you purchase from her please tell her Lisa & Nick sent you. Thanks!
  8. thanks for posting!
  9. Thank you! I plan on calling tomorrow. I would like to get a modern chain flap.