Stock for violet any bags?????

  1. Hope this ends up in the right category.

    I`m still looking for any violet bags at any stores out there??

    Do you guys know what the stock of those bags are??
    Partime seems to be impossible to find, but daybags may be easier.
    Any sightings of those lovely bags???
  2. AR has the step in violet. I am returning my violet step to Saks. PM me if you want SA/store info.
  3. Me too, scouting around for a Violet Work GSH. Any chance anybody sees it around?
  4. thy Corey at of the reputable resellers of Balenciaga...she may be able to help.....I bought my Violet City from her
  5. As of yesterday BalNY had a City and possibly Parttime with Giant ?? hardware. I know, I'm really a lot of help! hahahaha But it's worth calling. I'm looking for RH. :heart:
  6. styledrops has a few.....reputable stores in our section under shopping...
  7. Wow, styledrops prices are really high!?! :cursing::confused1:
  8. Looks like there's a violet RH Day at NM in Troy (Michigan) - saw it in another thread. Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442, she comes VERY highly recommended! Good luck! :yes:
  9. violet first at neiman's sf...
  10. Aloha rag has:

    Weekender $1495—Violet
    Step $1165—Violet
    Quilt $1795—Violet
    Giant Brief w/ giant silver hardware $1595—Violet
    Giant RTT $1865—Violet

  11. As of yesterday when I went balnyc only had GGH PT.. and it was BEAUTIFUL i was considering it but chose the jaune city instead. Grab it fast!
  12. I saw a Violet RH Day at Barney's in Beverly Hills over the weekend. John always helps me there and he is very nice.