Stock @ Barneys Beverly Hills 1.12.08

  1. Stock @ Barneys while lurking in there Bal Dept today.... reciting what I could remember...

    Sky Blue First, Vert Thyme SGH Work, Vert Tyme PT GGH, Mogano SGH PT, Sienna SGH PT, Grenat Work, Grenat First, Plomb &Tomato Brief w/ SGH, Sienna Day SGH, Black Day with SGH, Electric Blue SGH Work, Greige Courier, Truffle Weekender, Truffle First, Magenta City (i think) & First


    Jaune MU, Pine MU, Electric Blue SGH Money, Bubble gum SGH CP, Sahara SGH CP, Wristlets with SGH: Ocean, Black, Juane, Violet,

    They also had a new Sahara hobo with a circular bottom w/ ggh. :yes:
  2. "They also had a new Sahara hobo with a circular bottom w/ ggh. :yes:"

    Would that be the bucket looking bag?
  3. thanks oogie for the heads up!!
  4. Darn it....shouldn't have read this thread! They have a Plomb Brief with SGH and I promised myself that I would wait until the Fall!:sad:

  5. yes... the odd bucket looking bag... hahah. My sister liked it.. but the bottom is round and stiff. There's also no closure on top, very different though.. :yes:
  6. MMMM... not my cup of tea either...

    Interesting to hear that they are around though. I have yet to see one where I have been!
  7. Thanks for the stock report. That is tempting to hear they still have a grenat work. :drool: