Stock at your local Saks/Neimans

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  1. With the upcoming double/triple points and promotions, can you please post what is available at your local Saks or Neimans. I have two NM but Saks doesn't carry Chanel around here and I'm in desperate need of a new spring bag, still. TIA :smile:
  2. When are the point/promotion days?
  3. ^^April 10-12
  4. I was at Tyson yesterday, but I just briefly checked out the Chanel boutique. They still have a white metallic reissue (I think it was the 227). They also had a black pst with sh and a white pst w sh and alot of the soft/hobo styles. I don't like those as much so I am not great with the names. They had a salmon e-w flap and a grey-blue medium flap.

    I have to go back down that way to pick up some shoes, so if no-one has posted better info, I will get more details.
  5. Saks:
    metallic navy for $2425
    jumbo caviar classics in black (both silver and gold h/w) & white (silver h/w)
    GST in black (gold h/w), white (silver h/w), beige (gold h/w)
    puzzle bag in black
    matte leather modern chain flap ($1695)
    new madison bags in black & red (LOVE these)
    Please call Delyse if you are interested at 248-515-1126 and tell her April referred you. Don't forget to have her hold it for the event.
  6. I was in saks in nyc today and they had a white gst , pst , and cerf- all with s/h; a brown reissue 226 size, tons of caviar and lambskin flaps in medium sizes, a mc hobo in black- sorry this is all i can remember...I did pre sell a black caviar jumbo with s/h from Delyse though, shes my fav!
  7. I called Delyse today and they have the metallic purple not navy~
  8. Do you remember what color NYC have for medium flaps~~? Thank you:yes:
  9. Oops! Sorry.
  10. :drool: Did I read metallic brown?
  11. all black in either lambskin or caviar with s/h and g/h..
  12. it was not metallic it was a brown hybrid...
  13. This is what I can remember from April 6 at the NM in Plano. They have a great selection!

    White Reissue in large (227) :nuts:
    Pearl/Black Reissue from '07
    Puzzle bag (tote w/flap) in black
    Ice Cube pouchette without flap & Ice cube tote with chain (fabulous)
    Day glo black patent
    Accordian flap in black & other colors (can't remember them all)
    Evening star - Med. in blk. & white; Jumbo in blk. & white (both gorgeous)
    Navy jumbo with new chain (really pretty)
    PST in Black
    Drill bags
    Gold satin flap with colored stones on the CC's
    Lambskin Accordian bag with silver CC's & chains across bottom of bag (several colors)
    Spring Summer Large red shopping tote (silver hardward & rectangular clasp)
    Flap bag from same collection in ivory A37692
    Metallic shopper in silver (mesh material) Loves!
    Lambskin flap with contrasting piping (i believe in orange & pink)
    Patent clutch with the off-centered clasp in red (i believe)
    Lots of bowlers & totes. I don't remember everything.
    Shannon is a great SA and the Chanel specialist. The # is (972)629-1756 or toll free # is (877)634-6265
  14. Forgot to add that I also saw the silver/black Melrose flap!
  15. Thank you, you girls are really helpful!!